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Lost - Ben and Hurley epilogue

If you were one of those people who was disappointed in the Lost series finale because it didn't answer all those burning questions you had then you should head over to our own Kofi Outlaw's Lost explanation post. If you're still not satisfied with the answers (or lack thereof) then you will probably want to check out the epilogue that's going to be included in the season 6 and complete series box sets.

But you don't have to wait until the release of those before you get a look at the Lost epilogue - we have our first look at the story after the story via an image over at EW.

We learned of this epilogue a couple of months ago when Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) let it slip about it on G4'S Attack of the Show (something I don't actually think he supposed to do at the time). Then Jorge Garcia (Hurley) added some details a couple of weeks later, hinting that the epilogue sheds light on some of those questions the actual show left unanswered; we also learned that we'll be seeing some familiar faces pop up (Walt?).

Before I say anymore just take a look at the new image - as well as some inside info - from the Lost epilogue entitled "The New Man in Charge". In case you couldn't guess, there's a SPOILER warning on the image for those who want to stay in the dark about the epilogue:


Lost Ben and Hurley epilogue first image


Here's the inside info from Emerson himself about the epilogue, specifically the context of that image:

''Ben is going around to Dharma installations and closing some down. There are some good surprises.'' And yes, ''it does answer questions.''

I don't know about you but after getting over how awesome it is to see something new from Lost (it's only been a few months and I'm already having withdrawal symptoms :-P ), a flood of questions hit me:

[Spoiler Alert!]

How is Ben going around shutting down Dharma stations if by the time he became Hurley's number two the Dharma folk had been purged? Were stations still being manned and we just didn't see them before? Did Ben travel back in time to try and shut down Dharma instead of killing them all? Did Dharma come back to the Island? And most importantly... is that guy on the right trying to steal Hurley's look? :P

Just one image and it already has opened up the Lost question floodgates once more...

I can't wait to see the epilogue. Even though I'm satisfied with how the show ended (in my opinion character resolution on a TV show has rarely been so gratifying), I'll see anything and everything Lost related. And I can't help but admit I want to see what sort of questions the epilogue answers as even though I loved the ending of the show, I can't deny there were some questions that probably should have been answered.

Man, even beyond the grave Lost is teasing us! Sound off in the comments below about what you think that image is all about and how Ben can be shutting down Dharma stations.

Lost season 6 and the complete series are both released on August 24th, 2010.

Source: EW

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