SR Pick [Video]: How 'Lost' Should Have Ended

lost ending parody video how it should have ended

The good folks over at HISHE have done it again with their latest video, an alternate ending to Lost.

If you were one of the (literally) millions who visited our now-infamous Lost Finale Explanation post, or even one of the thousands who battled it out in the comments, then this next video is a MUST SEE.

Time has begun to heal things, but back when we posted our Lost Finale Review, mere moments after the final credits rolled on one of TV's biggest phenomenons, many of you out there were already upset.

A lot of fans felt  that [Spoiler Alert!] the writers' choice to have the alternate universe be some sort of purgatory world was as lame as the climatic (cliched?) good vs. evil battle for the island. Confusion abounded when ABC decided to air a final shot of the Flight 815 wreckage during the end credits (were the Losties dead the whole time??? Nah!), and pretty much everyone agreed that there was plenty of mystery left unsolved.

Enter HISHE with their video, skewering all of our Lost finale drama with a hilarious parody that pokes fun at everything we ever felt for or wondered about the show, with a great MacGruber reference thrown in for good measure. Check it out:


There's a lot about Lost that is debatable,  but at least one thing is certain: Lapidus will always be the man!

How did you like the video - does it help you to lighten up about the ending of Lost? Or are you still fighting that battle as fiercely as you can?

Source: HISHE

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