Five 'Lost' DVD Special Features We'd Love to See

3. The Pilot Episode of Confidence Men

While show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse may have flexed their production muscle back in May 2007 when they announced an end date for Lost, ABC (and subsequently Disney) still own the rights to the franchise and its respective characters. Given the studio’s proclivity for churning out spin-offs (Private Practice) and reboots (V), it’s hard to imagine that we will never again see another Lost-related television (or film) production.

What better way to announce a Lost spin-off than as a bonus feature on the final set of Lost DVDs and Blu-rays? While the aforementioned Lost Epilogue mini-episode “The New Man in Charge” certainly hints at the possibility of a daramedy that follows the continued exploits of Ben Linus and Hugo Reyes, our money (and subsequently our hope) is pinned on ABC producing a show centered around Sawyer, Miles, and their buddy-cop drama in the alternate reality.

We’ve even come up with a bankable name - Confidence Men.

Lost Special Feature Sawyer Cop Show

Confidence Men could start at the twosome’s introduction when James Ford (Sawyer) arrests Miles on fraud charges – following a botched job by Miles where he failed to make contact with a distraught couple’s deceased son. However, Miles would quickly get bailed out of jail by a woman who claims he successfully exorcised her dead husband from the couple’s house. Ford spends the next week and a half following Miles’ every move – until Miles confronts his pursuer and, at Ford's gunpoint, admits that he cannot speak with dead. Ford sees in Miles a troubled youth without a father, headed toward the life of a criminal con man (much like he, himself, nearly was) and encourages Miles to join the police force.

In general the show would be a procedural, but would contain larger story arcs including the search for Anthony Cooper and Miles’ missing father, as well as a new love interest for James Ford - a new-to-town fertility specialist named Juliet Burke.

Of course if Confidence Men never materializes, we'd also settle for WALT: The New New Man in Charge.


2. Inside the Writers’ Hatch

The writing on Lost has been nominated for numerous awards, but it’s hard to overlook the major shifts and plot holes in the overarching narrative: three seasons focused heavily on the Others’ inability to carry babies to term – without ever fully-resolving the issue, for example.

While answer-obsessed Lost fans can be criticized for laboring over why Kate saw the phantom horse or what happened to the real Henry Gale, it’s hard to overlook why the writing team neglected to resolve some of the larger long-term story-focused questions.

Of course, there’s no simple answer to why a six-season show had to shift focus on occasion – considering potential studio pressure, finicky cast members, and a complicated narrative. "Inside the Writers’ Hatch" could provide a detailed behind the scenes look at the Lost writers' creative process, explaining how the team adjusted the story over time (as a result of various pressures and circumstances) - and why some big questions were never fully resolved.

Lost Special Feature Wale

However, the biggest mystery surrounding Lost may just be how the writers came up with so many shocking moments and countless mysteries – drawing inspiration from a variety of topics: parapsychology, heuristics, Christianity, mysticism, engineering and Greek mythology, just to name a few. A behind-the-scenes look at the writers' room could certainly shed a bit more light on the generative process behind the various ideas – as well as how the writers view the connections between these ideas.

While "Inside the Writers’ Hatch" might not be as riveting as a Smoke Monster-centric episode, the feature could reveal thoughtful insight into the Lost creation machine - as well as a few more concrete answers to the various remaining mysteries.


1. The Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof Answer Reel

Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse and the cast of Lost talk about the series

Speaking of answers, the Screen Rant community has spoken and the number one special feature Lost fans still want is a no-holds-barred answer-o-rama. While several of our proposed special features revolve around sniffing out a few more answers, we’re willing to bet that most Lost fans would be willing to totally forgo subtlety if they could get a bunch of definitive answers.

Why bother burying the answers in a television spin-off or another round of Lost epilogues when it would be much more efficient to sit Cuse and Lindelof down for a 90-minute intensive question and answer session.

There’s no debating that Ethan’s super-strength or the purpose of the Dharma vaccine aren’t as important as discovering why Walt is special or how the Island heals people. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not still curious – and wouldn’t be open to some answers.

It might sound ridiculous, and if you’re thinking, “What could possibly be interesting about watching two guys answer questions for an hour and a half?”  then you probably haven’t ever seen an interview with Cuse and Lindelof. The two have great chemistry - as fans of the official Lost podcast know - and there’s no question that they could sit and talk about expired milk for two hours and still be entertaining, nevermind spit-balling answers to one of the best television series in history.

Personally, I was satisfied with the amount of answers provided throughout the series – but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love for the show’s creators to drop previously-concealed knowledge on a few of my unresolved questions.

"The Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof Answer Reel": two men, a black tablecloth backdrop, and answers from the community. We could throw this together in an afternoon, ABC – give us a call. I’d be happy to moderate ;-).

In the meantime, make sure to check out our Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions editorial as well as our series finale review and discussion. Don’t forget to give us a shout in the comments below, telling us what Lost special features you’d like to see.

Lost: The Complete Collection is available on DVD and Blu-ray today.

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