Five 'Lost' DVD Special Features We'd Love to See

Lost Complete Collection Special Features DVD Blu-ray

Lost: The Complete Collection is set to arrive on DVD and Blu-ray shelves around the country today – alongside the standalone Complete Sixth and Final Season. Whether you purchase the Complete Collection or the Season Six set, you’ll be treated to the previously announced, and leaked, special feature Lost epilogue, “The New Man in Charge” – a symbolic end to the Lost phenomenon.

While the epilogue is certainly an unexpected treat, it’s not likely to sate the frustration of mythology-obsessed fans who still haven’t forgiven Lost for its lack of tangible answers. Still, Lost: The Complete Collection will offer the most comprehensive set of Lost special features to date – possibly ever. In that spirit, I decided to put together a list of the top 5 Lost bonus features we, as fans of the series, would love to see - but don't  stand snowball’s chance in hell of getting, probably ever.

As I mentioned in my series finale review, viewers approached Lost from a variety of different angles: some fell in love with the characters, others were intrigued by the island mythology, and some just wanted to be surprised. While our choices for missing Lost bonus features is certainly not exhaustive - hopefully, like the show, there’s something for everyone.


5. Smoke Monster: Origins

Lost Smoke Monster Special Feature

The season six episode, “Across the Sea” packed two thousand years worth of island history into 45 minutes of television, resulting in an anticlimactic explanation to one of the island’s biggest mysteries – the Smoke Monster. Instead of the epic backstory many fans expected, the Smoke Monster was merely the result of Jacob’s temper-tantrum, which sent the human Man in Black, his brother, downstream into the Heart of the Island.

Chronologically, we were introduced to the “character” long before the Man in Black appeared onscreen in Season 5. However, the earlier incarnation of the Smoke Monster was void of personality and, at times, a clear purpose  - relegated to chasing Losties through the forest.

How exactly the Man in Black was turned into black smoke by the Heart of the Island, as well as the motivation of the character throughout the rest of the series, is still mostly unclear.

Lost The Man in Black Special Feature

The solution? Lost has never been shy about retelling previously-aired events through the perspective of a different character (such as Juliet in “A Tale of Two Cities”).

I’m sure a lot of us would still love to see a Man in Black-centric episode – offering a more intimate look at some of the Smoke Monster’s most intriguing moments: waking up in the Heart of the Island, the arrival of Flight 815, scanning Mr. Eko, getting summoned by Ben Linus, as well as masquerading as numerous dead folks. Not to mention the countless times he advised the Losties on protecting the island – before he became resolved to destroy it.

"Smoke Monster: Origins" would reveal the untold story of the Smoke Monster through his own eyes.

Lost The Island Special Feature


4. The Island: Stations and Sensations

The other pseudo-character of Lost, alongside the Smoke Monster, is the island itself. A variety of actors and producers affiliated with Lost have described the island as quite possibly the most important character on the show. However, given the notion that it’s such an important character, we actually know very little about it.

Based on the cuneiform script etched onto the cork (in the heart of the island), we can surmise that the island has been inhabited since at least the 34th century BC. Over time, numerous cultures made their mark on the island through various landmarks including: Egyptians (who built the infamous Statue of Taweret), Romans (the ship that brought Claudia, and subsequently Jacob as well the Man in Black, to the island), British Slave traders (the Black Rock), the U.S. Army (the Jughead hydrogen bomb), and even deceased souls (who are unable to leave the island).

However, the most important group, as far as Lost is concerned, was the infamous Dharma initiative, who built a series of mysterious stations around the island – for a variety of mysterious reasons. Throughout the course of the series we were introduced to a number of the Dharma stations: the Hydra, the Swan, and the Pearl, among others.

Lost Special Feature Blast Door Map

Viewers became familiar with a number of the stations, while some remain largely undefined. In addition, according to the Swan Station blast-door map (seen above), there are still a few stations that remain undiscovered (at least by the viewer).

"The Island: Stations and Sensations" would offer viewers a closer look at the inner workings of the island (detailing its history and inhabitants) – as well as an in-depth look at what exactly makes this miraculous place tick.


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