'Lost' To Disappear Before It Jumps The Shark?

J.J. Abrams, Lost executive producer, recently sat down with MTV news, discussing (among other things) the hit show's eventual demise. Perhaps learning from the mistakes of previous genre hits such as The X-Files and Star Trek: The Next Generation, the series co-creator talks about not overstaying the show's welcome:

"ABC agreed to end the series after six years. Which is a gift, because you know you won't have years seven and eight where you're thinking 'they should've ended at year six,' and you know how to pace yourself so that you know how to end the series."

But what about following the aforementioned X-Files and ST:TNG into the lucrative movie market? Abrams goes on to say:

"The only reason why I think maybe there would be a movie, is that by doing that — which is hopefully the right way to go and that's it — you do have that sense of, well, it didn't go on any longer and therefore is there something else that you could do? So there's a chance, but my gut is it would never happen."

Personally, I think this is fantastic news. How often does creative vision win out against the almighty dollar? Ending the series organically, when the story calls for it is the wisest choice to keep the fans wanting more.

This should prevent fans from lamenting the days "when the show used to be good."

So what do you think? After the series finale in May 2010, do you hope to venture down to your local theater for the further adventures of the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors?

Or should they just continue the TV series with forced plot lines or new lead cast members?

Source: MTV

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