'Lost' Complete Series Will Have Ben & Hurley Epilogue

Lost actor Michael Emerson (Ben) revealed that the complete series collection will have an epilogue about Ben and Hurley's time on the Island.

[WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS!!!! ]

Thought Sunday night's series finale of Lost meant that there was no more of the story to come? Well think again, as apparently we'll be getting at least another 12 minutes of story in the form of an epilogue involving Ben and Hurley.

Benjamin Linus himself, Michael Emerson, was recently on G4's Attack of the Show where he let slip some info that I'm not sure he was supposed to (after all, can there really be spoilers now that Lost is finished?).

Emerson revealed that there's an epilogue that will be included in the complete series collection (and possibly the season 6 DVD) that covers some of the story that was hinted at in the finale: Hurley and Ben's time as protectors of the Island. Don't believe me? Well, watch the video yourself of Emerson spilling the beans:

I have to admit I'm having conflicting feelings about there being more to Lost's story: On the one hand, as a die hard Lost fan, I'll take any new footage I can get (geekgasm alert: More Ben and Hurley = awesome! :P ). But on the other hand, the end of the show is the end of the show, is it not? We were left open-ended as to what happened with Hurley, Ben and most of the other Lost castaways, and if that's the way things were left, then it should rightfully stay that way.

However, the writers have always said that the only things that are part of the Lost canon are what's shown in the actual episodes. Any extra things like mobisodes or deleted scenes are just there as bonuses for fans. And I'm guessing that's the way we're supposed to treat this Hurley and Ben epilogue when the complete Lost series hits shelves on August 24th this year.

Lost - Ben and Hurley epilogue

As for what other mysteries might be explored, there are obviously no details yet, but some are speculating we might see more of Walt's story and why he was "special" - a question people were upset that the writers never answered.

What do you think of there being an epilogue to Hurley and Ben's time on the Island? Glad that we'll get some closure to that story or should it be left open-ended the way it was presented in the series finale?

Source: G4's Attack of the Show

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