Lost: The Complete Collection DVD/Blu-ray Breakdown & Review

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Last week's home video release of Lost: The Complete Collection should keep fans of the acclaimed TV series satisfied for quite some time. Even if you've got the first five seasons, there are plenty of new features in the collection to enjoy.

We've spent countless hours watching the features, as well as scanning the limited edition packaging with our handy black light, and have compiled an exhaustive list of our impressions.

It's difficult to be disappointed in a complete collection, especially one for arguably the most complex, layered show in television history. ABC has brought us fantastic bonus features with every DVD and Blu-ray release for the last six years and Lost: The Complete Collection is the sum of everybody's hard work in one, massive nostalgic package.

While the folks behind Lost didn't make any of our special features wishes come true, there is certainly enough here to keep viewers busy for several days.

There are a few secrets and Easter Eggs to discover, some in the menus and some in the packaging (if you want the full experience). If you would like to stay in the dark regarding the secrets of the actual box set's packaging, skip the next paragraph.


The shell box that looks like an ancient artifact houses quite a lot. But the naked eye, alone, will not uncover all of the box's secrets. A Dharma brand black light (included) will give you the ability to spot a series of hidden symbols - that lead to a hidden compartment. That compartment is underneath the box top. Turn the map 90 degrees and then remove the covering. Underneath is a special bonus disc. Though, you won't find the disc's features listed on the outside - so you'll just have to play it!

Lost Complete Collection map


The bonus disc features a healthy number of supplements to really enhance the overall collection. While the Season 6 bonus features give you an inside look at the final season, this disc adds comprehensive features for the entire show.

LETTING GO (40 minutes): A walkthrough of the on-island filming locations with the actors providing an emotional montage of beautiful footage and memories. It is a unique behind-the-scenes look at the sets as well as Hawaii's Diamond Head Studio. Emphasizing the importance of the locales, Carlton Cuse asserts, "The show wouldn't have been half of what it is if we didn't shoot it here."

The nostalgic tour travels from the various Hawaii locations in a helicopter with Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), in the valley with Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and Michael Emerson (Ben), by a fire on the beach with Matthew Fox (Jack), on the beach with Evangeline Lilly (Kate), in the forest with a bouncy Maggie Grace (Shannon) and Naveen Andrews (Sayid), as well as on a sailboat with Emilie de Ravin (Claire), Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert), and Jeff Fahey (Frank Lapidus).

Letting Go is a fitting tribute to the importance of the island locales as well as the show. The actors obviously have tremendous respect for their experience. Their memories are coupled with footage from all six seasons, footage that, despite being shot documentary style, will still move you. Of course, Michael Giacchino's score is also present and will push you to tears.

ARTIFACTS OF THE ISLAND (14 minutes): Spend some time with the Prop Master, Robert Scott Kyker. In this interview, the actors reminisce over numerous memorable props. It's a loose and fun recollection of the memories certain props gave the actors throughout production.

PLANET LOST (12 minutes): A look at the worldwide phenomenon of Lost, including a humorous segment on how the actors and showrunners feel about seeing the show dubbed in other languages. The feature also showcases Lost's honorable run at San Diego Comic-Con.

Lost Complete Collection Seasons

SWAN SONG (13 minutes): An inside look at the the scoring of the final moments of Lost. Michael Giacchino designs the music that shapes the tear-jerking emotions of the final scene. Giacchino and the orchestra are the true magicians of Lost.

INSIDE LOST LIVE - THE FINAL CONCERT (9 minutes): If you want to find this secret feature on the menu, press left or right on your controller and a floating button will light up. The search is much better than the result, though. It is simply the introduction of the show's entire cast by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof on stage. The feature is somewhat pointless but enjoyable enough.

LOST ON LOCATION: Specific Hawaiian locations from Seasons 3-5 get a behind-the-scenes look - showing how the crew incorporated each locale into the series.

THE LOST SLAPDOWNS (45 minutes): An ABC promotional videos for the final season. Paul Scheer (superfan/comedian) and others explain their ridiculous thoughts and theories to Cuse and Lindelof. In one of the biggest wastes of space ever made, this extensive collection of short sketches rarely brings a laugh. If they wanted to promote a home video release, it may have been better to actually air these somewhere other than the home video.

DELETED SCENES: Unaired scenes from seasons 3 and 5.

MORE FROM THE SERIES: Essentially, these are video diaries from seasons 4 and 5 - not previously seen in the original box sets.

BEST OF THE LOST PODCASTS: The Lost Podcast archive is extensive, but this feature provides the best moments from seasons 2-6.

The bonus disc is a nice addition to the already extensive collection of features from all six seasons.

Lost epilogue teaser clip

The sixth season has its own special features, though. There are some worthy supplements, but the one everybody wants to know about is the epilogue, The New Man In Charge.


THE NEW MAN IN CHARGE: I'm sorry to disappoint the fans, but this is another wasted opportunity by the creators of Lost. The short clip that was released a few weeks ago showed the first few minutes of the 12-minute epilogue. The mini-episode goes on to show Ben recruit the grown-up Walt, encouraging him to return to the island - where he supposedly belonged all along. Hurley makes a brief appearance to help coax Walt along.

Essentially, the epilogue is a shout out to the fans who wanted more answers. The two workers in the warehouse share the audience's frustration - they want answers. Ben allows them each to ask one question and upon answering, they just have more questions. Sound familiar?


There isn't much else to say about the disappointing epilogue. It doesn't hurt the show, but it also doesn't add much. The New Man In Charge would have been just as effective if it had played during the Jimmy Kimmel Live Special after the finale.

Lost Jimmy Kimmel finale special

In the end, if you love Lost, you'll love the Complete Collection. But if you are looking for more, don't expect to find it here. There are plenty of extra minutes of material but as some of the especially frustrated Lost fan will tell you, sometimes more isn't better. The behind-the-scenes featurettes are fantastic and truly extend your experience but for every making-of feature, there is a worthless inside joke-like sketch.

Ultimately, Lost Complete Collection is not a waste of money. In fact, you can get the Blu-ray set for under $200, which is a darn good price for all six seasons. In addition to the features you already know about, like the games and special booklets, the Complete Collection is a trophy of sorts. It is a symbol of the hard work of the showrunners, the actors, ABC, and the fans.

Showcase your love for the show in the most elaborate way possible and just get the whole thing.

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Lost: The Complete Collection is available now on blu-ray and DVD.

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