The Lost City of Z UK Trailer: Charlie Hunnam Seeks His Destiny

The Lost City of Z - Charlie Hunnam

The Lost City of Z tells the true story of Percy Fawcett, a British explorer who in the 1920s ventured multiple times to the darkest reaches of the Amazon jungle in search of a lost civilization. The story was first told by author David Grann in his 2009 book of the same name, and now Fawcett's tale is being brought to the big screen by director James Gray and star Charlie Hunnam as Fawcett.

The Lost City of Z has already garnered lots of rave reviews from critics, but general audiences won't be able to partake of its sweeping storytelling and thrilling jungle adventure until April 14th, 2017. We've already gotten a few tastes of the movie via an early trailer and some images, but now a new international trailer is giving us a better sense of what the movie has to offer and how it is being sold.

The new UK trailer (via Studiocanal UK) gives us a feeling of the movie's epic sweep, with scenes set not only in the far-flung reaches of South America, but also in the trenches of World War I and lecture halls of London. Charlie Hunnam (who replaced original lead Benedict Cumberbatch) and Robert Pattinson are a pair of obsessive explorers, and Sienna Miller is the wife waiting and worrying back in England. Spider-Man star Tom Holland is also on-board as Fawcett's son Jack (he'll also be in Avengers: Infinity War next year).

The Lost City of Z - Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam in The Lost City of Z

Fawcett's story seems like the stuff of Indiana Jones-style adventure, and the trailer certainly suggests something of that, but with much darker tones. Gripping, at times terrifying movies like The Mission and Apocalypse Now are brought to mind when you look at the trailer and its remote jungle locations. Given the tragic and mysterious ending of Fawcett's story, it's no surprise that the movie should tend toward the dark, and the trailer certainly gives us a taste of that.

One of the more interesting elements of the film will be Charlie Hunnam's lead performance as the dogged and courageous - and possibly foolish - Percy Fawcett. Hunnam reportedly was very committed to the character, even requesting to sleep and eat inside the trenches during the filming of the World War I sequences (the insurance company ultimately wouldn't let him). If Hunnam pulls off this performance, his stock as an actor will go up for sure, as will his box office appeal.

James Gray (The Immigrant) also appears to have taken a significant step up in the ranks of directors, if early Lost City of Z reviews are any indication. A big epic movie like this, if it succeeds, could open up a lot of doors for Gray. We'll all get to see what Gray and his cast have accomplished when The Lost City of Z opens in theaters this April.

Source: StudiocanalUK

Key Release Dates
  • The Lost City of Z (2017) release date: Apr 21, 2017
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