Lost City of Z US Trailer: Charlie Hunnam Seeks the Unknown

Charlie Hunnam as Percy Fawcett in The Lost City of Z

The long-awaited ode to the explorer spirit, The Lost City of Z, finally makes in into theaters this spring after years of being stuck in development -- and the full U.S. trailer has just been revealed. The film, based on the book of the same name by David Grann, tells the (mostly) true story of British explorer Percy Fawcett and his obsession with a lost civilization in the Amazon in the early 20th century. The film stars Charlie Hunnam as Fawcett, and is packed with other big names: Sienna Miller as Fawcett's wife, Tom Holland as his son, and Robert Pattinson as his aide de camp.

The trailer is nearly two-and-a-half minutes long, and cuts together some of the scenes from previous trailers with some entirely new shots. Unsurprisingly, it focuses primarily on Hunnam's Fawcett, and his relationships with others as his search for the lost city progresses.

The trailer includes some incredible shots of the jungle and the indigenous people, contrasted with scenes set in what appears to be Victorian London, and all the trappings of "civilization" that come with that. Hunnam gives a speech in the trailer, to a room full of suits, pushing them to accept there may have been earlier civilizations in the Amazon, and that the people there are no less human than the men in that room. Fawcett believes that the discovery of his lost city will re-write human history, and is drawn to it again and again.

The Lost City of Z - Charlie Hunnam

This latest trailer continues to pique interest with the core mysteries (what happened to Fawcett, and the existence of the city itself) drawing the viewer in. As a biography, The Lost City Of Z has a pre-determined ending, but it looks from the trailer like there are still plenty of unanswered questions to keep audiences engaged from start to finish. Visually, the film is stunning. Hunnam himself shines in the trailer, providing a glimpse of how his obsession will take over his life.

While the trailer continues to build interest in the film, the new scenes added to the trailer don't reveal any more of the film's content -- although those who want to can obviously read the book if they are desperate to find out what happens before April. It would have been nice to see a little more of Holland, Miller, and Pattinson, however. This may not be the final trailer for The Lost City Of Z, either, which may provide a better look at some of the other cast members before April.

Although the film is something of a gamble, if the marketing continues to be this intriguing, The Lost City Of Z may well be a surprise success of 2017.

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Key Release Dates
  • The Lost City of Z (2017) release date: Apr 21, 2017
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