'Lost' Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

Lost, a drama television series that came on from 2004 to 2010, was about the survivors of a commercial jet airliner that crashed onto a strange island. This TV show has been called one of the greatest of all time, and it won numerous awards, due to the sci-fi elements, the exciting story and the intriguing characters. Another popular story out there is Harry Potter’s, a magical one told through a book and a film series, and today, we are combining these two worlds…

If the characters from Lost went to Hogwarts, which houses would they all end up in, we wonder? Let’s find out and discuss, here and now!

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10 Jack - Gryffindor

It is no doubt that Jack would be a Gryffindor. People sorted into this house are natural-born leaders, and Jack instantly became in charge on the island. Immediately, the other survivors turned to him for support and guidance. It also definitely helps that he has medical experience!

He may have complained at times - just as Harry, the most famous Gryffindor, may have not always wanted to be known as The Boy Who Lived - but both of these men are brave, strong, smart and capable of doing anything they set their minds to and tackling any challenge set before them.

9 Kate - Gryffindor

Let’s be honest here: Kate has some Slytherin traits, but on the island, when everyone knew her, she was a Gryffindor. These people can be described as brave, daring and athletic, and these are words that can describe this gal, too. She never backs down, she is always right up in the action, and she doesn’t take anything from anyone.

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Physically, mentally and emotionally, Kate is one of the strongest characters on this show and on TV in general. She also stepped into a leadership role on the island, sort of the like the Hermione to Jack’s Harry.

8 Sawyer - Slytherin

Sawyer would probably be proud to be sorted into this house! He is sort of an outcast, with his sarcasm and lone wolf vibe. But he is actually quite smart (and a lover of books, as well), and Slytherins can be resourceful, cunning, determined and clever.

He, too, became a leader during this crazy time, yet like a true Slytherin, he has a streak of self-preservation in him. That being said, there were times when Sawyer made some selfish decisions. In the end, though, all of these characters became like family, and he is really a sweetheart (like Draco may be, deep down).

7 Locke - Ravenclaw

Locke certainly had quite the transformation on the island, but we won’t get into all of that; all we will say is that this man seems like a Ravenclaw. He is super smart, he is quite original, and he is very accepting.

In flashbacks, he see a man who had a rough life yet who was a decent human. On the island, as he was learning more about himself and this place, he was spreading knowledge, helping those in need and trying to do what was best. Regardless of how that all worked out, he has some definite traits of this Hogwarts house.

6 Hurley - Hufflepuff

Hurley is a fan fave, as well as a Hufflepuff. Traits found in this house include dedication, hardworking, fair, modesty and loyal. From the beginning, Hurley has been someone people could rely on.

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He is another just generally decent guy, who does what is right, who does not complain all that much and who can be trusted. After all, he ends up being the protector of the island, proving that he is a kind, strong and smart person capable of such a job. Hufflepuffs may not be the bravest or the strongest, but they are great to have around!

5 Charlie - Slytherin

The Sorting Hat had some trouble here but finally placed Charlie in Slytherin. This house can be known as the not-so-nice one, but the people in it have some good traits. For instance, Charlie is certainly resourceful and clever.

With his music career alone, he showed some ambition. He has some leadership qualities, as he was in the elite group on the island and picked to do some big jobs (which we can’t talk about, since we don’t want to cry right now about that boat situation). He did show self-preservation, though, like Sawyer and like when it came to his addiction.

4 Sayid - Hufflepuff

Sayid is full of wisdom and acceptance, like a Ravenclaw. He is a brave leader, like a Gryffindor. He also has resourcefulness and determination, like a Slytherin. But overall, this man seems like a Hufflepuff.

He is certainly dedicated and hardworking, and all of the survivors owe him so much. Despite all he went through in life, he is a kind and fair man, with a big heart. And even though he has some unique skills - the ones that many turned to many times on the island - he is always so modest, which makes people like him even more.

3 Desmond - Ravenclaw

Ravenclaws are the smart kids in school, so Desmond would fall into this category. Of course, it can be hard to place anyone inside a box, especially complex characters like these. But think about what Des had to do for so long… It required intelligence, creativity and wisdom.

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And after he was introduced to everyone else on the island and after he got to know them, he was accepting, becoming part of this unique family unit. Yes, if he were to attend Hogwarts, he would surely be placed into this house, alongside Locke (and Luna and Cho!).

2 Claire - Hufflepuff

Claire is another sweetheart, and while she did not become a go-to leader on the island, she showed off positive traits like those found in Hufflepuffs. She is a dedicated and loyal person, who was close to the other main characters (some more than others!).

She is fair and patient, showing kindness and tolerance to all and being a really good friend, mother and supporter. While she certainly had some interesting moments on the island (we’ll forgive her for those low times!), it is clear that she is one of the good ones, like those sorted into this house are.

1 Ben - Slytherin

It seems pretty for sure that Ben would get sorted into this house here. He is one of the most resourcefulness and cunning characters on television! Plus, no matter what his current plan or goal or strategy was, he was showing ambition and determination, and like it or not, he was a true leader.

Ben did have some good ideas and some good moments, and in the end, he was kind of one of us… sort of. But one can never tell when it comes to those clever Slytherins - to people like this man right here!

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