Twilight Director Catherine Hardwicke Helming Lost Boys TV Pilot

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke will helm the TV pilot for The CW’s adaptation of The Lost Boys. The original Lost Boys movie from 1987 starred Jason Patric as a teenager named Michael who moves to a small, seaside town with his family, and falls in with a pack of vampires led by David (Kiefer Sutherland). The movie’s mix of comedy and horror made it a surprise hit and it's still a fan favorite to this day. The movie’s success led to plans for a sequel that would have followed Sutherland’s character, but it didn’t ultimately happen.

Director Joel Schumacher also proposed a gender-flipped follow-up called The Lost Girls, which also came to nothing. A sequel eventually arrived in the form of the straight to DVD The Lost Boys: The Tribe in 2008, which was essentially a lower budget remake of the first movie. Corey Feldman returned as vampire hunter Edgar Frog, with co-star Corey Haim briefly returning for a surprise cameo. Feldman returned again for another DTV sequel called Lost Boys: The Thirst, which received slightly warmer reviews than The Tribe.

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Lost Boys: The Thirst proved to be the end of the original series and a television adaptation has been in development for a few years now. The show is heating up at The CW now, with Deadline reporting Catherine Hardwicke – director of the original Twilight – will helm The Lost Boys pilot. Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) and Kiele Sanchez will lead the cast, with the basic setup sounding almost identical to the original film.

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Given Hardwicke’s previous experience with teenage vampires, she’s a solid choice for The Lost Boys. The story also lends itself to a long-running series, which could explore the origins of the vampires and play up the rivalry between Michael and David. The original movie was originally supposed to include a post credit scene set in the vampire’s lair, showing a mural from 1900 that revealed David had been eternally young for a long time.

While a Lost Boys sequel with Sutherland didn’t ultimately happen, it was later revealed David doesn’t disintegrate in the finale, unlike the other vampires, because he technically wasn’t dead. The Lost Boys TV show may have a tough time living up to the cult status of the movie, but it won’t have to work hard to improve on the sequels either. The show also has a talented cast and crew behind it, and it can flesh out the mythology of the vampires in a much bigger way.

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Source: Deadline

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