Exclusive Look at The Lost Boys Sequel Comic

Lost Boys Sequel Comic

Long before teenagers around the world were obsessing over the hunks of Twilight, a different generation was learning what it really meant to embody the very essence of cool - while feasting on human blood. In many ways, The Lost Boys condenses everything there is to love about the coming-of-age movies of the 1980s, rolled up into a horror film about teenage vampires tormenting a small California town (and looking ultra hip doing it). And finally, the wait for a follow-up story is almost over.

That's thanks to Vertigo's upcoming comic series "The Lost Boys" from writer Tim Seeley ("Nightwing") and artists Scott Godlewski and Patricia Mulvihill, with covers by Tony Harris. Picking up not long after the film left off, we've got an exclusive preview of the relative calm the heroes enjoy... before an even greater threat comes calling. The series is promised to be a "nostalgic and unstoppable" follow-up to the original cult classic, but as this preview shows, the simple fact that the miniseries is still set in 1987 may be enough to convince curious movie fans to take a look.

Don't start thinking it will be a re-tread, either, since the official synopsis of the story promises a threat that the Emerson brothers (played by Jason Patric and Corey Haim in the film) have never faced before - not to mention some shocking revelations about Star's sordid past (just when we thought the hero had gotten the girl for good)...

Santa Carla, California is on edge. The eccentric coastal town and haven for the undead was finally returning to “normal” after its last supernatural scuffle left the local coven’s head vampire dead and gave newcomers Michael and Sam Emerson a housewarming both violent and bizarre. Now the brothers must once again team up with militant vampire hunters Edgar and Allan Frog when a new gang of ruthless, stunning, life-sucking nightcrawlers known as the Blood Belles emerges from the aftermath to collect Michael’s love interest and their lost sister, Star.

Check out the first several pages of Issue #1 to see how Sam has put his run-in with a vampire gang to good(?) use, not to mention a nostalgic trip into the local comic book shops of the late '80s:

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It should go without saying that the writer of the long-awaited sequel to The Lost Boys, regardless of the medium, would be a fan. But writer Tim Seeley confirms that this is absolutely a labor of love (and when you spend your days writing beloved characters like "Grayson" and "G.I. Joe vs. Transformers" that's really saying something):

"I saw The Lost Boys at a formative time in my life, when a VHS, a VCR and a summer afternoon were a perfect escape into a crazy world of biker vampires with mullets and monster-fighting hippy grandpas... The Lost Boys was one of my entry points into the horror genre, and I've been fascinated ever since. Getting the chance to write a sequel to the film, featuring the original characters, and getting to work with Scott, Patricia and Tony is truly a high point in my comic book-making career."

The arrival of this straight sequel may not stop Hollywood from developing that TV show adaptation, or funding an inevitable remake. But in the meantime, we're all too eager to see what the creative team has cooked up, taking the story forward while keeping the original as the standard set. Not to mention the fact that Seeley, Godlewski, Mulvihill and Harris have shown their talents in other projects and books already. Putting creators of their caliber on "The Lost Boys" means a good comic, regardless of how it measures up as a 'true sequel' for every reader.

What do you think of the preview pages? Does the tone and style seem like a fitting step forward, or is it the arrival of the 'Blood Belles' that you're most excited to see play out? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more details as the launch approaches.

The Lost Boys #1 releases October 12, 2016.

Source: Vertigo

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