Lost Boys Comic Plot Gives Fans A Proper Sequel

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The Lost Boys comic finally gave fans the sequel they were waiting for. The original Lost Boys is a beloved cult movie that follows a teenager named Michael who moves to a seaside town with his family and unknowingly falls in with a pack of vampires led by Kiefer Sutherland's David. The movie was a stylish, funny take on the genre that featured a great cast and a killer soundtrack.

The success of The Lost Boys naturally led to discussions about a sequel, which would have followed Sutherland's David. While the vampire appears to have been thoroughly staked in the finale of the movie, it's worth noting that the other vamps disintegrated except for David. The years went by and Sutherland became too old to play the eternally young David, so Schumacher instead proposed a follow-up called The Lost Girls, which also came to nothing. A sequel eventually arrived in the form of The Lost Boys: The Tribe, a 2008 straight to DVD  movie that essentially remade the original. Corey Feldman returned in a supporting role as vampire hunter Edgar Frog and was later promoted to lead for Lost Boys: The Thirst. While The Tribe received mostly negative reviews, The Thirst's reception was a little better.

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While the straight to DVD sequels may have proved disappointing to fans, Vertigo Comics' Lost Boys miniseries from 2016 resurrected the franchise in style. The story picks up shortly after the ending of The Lost Boys, with the Emerson family and the other survivors have moved on with their lives. Michael works in a nursing home and is still dating vampire Star, while his brother Sam works in the comics shop alongside the Frog brothers. The comic reveals Michael and Sam's grandfather is part of the Santa Carla's Hunter's Union, a small group of vampire hunters.

Lost Boys Sequel Comic Vertigo

The Lost Boys comic even reveals the sweaty sax player from the movie, played Tim Cappello, is also a vampire hunter called the Believer. It turns out he's always glistening for a reason - he's covered in holy water. While the gang has had their fill of vampire-slaying action following the events of the movie, they soon find themselves dealing with a group of Lost Girls known as the Blood Belles - and David is helping them, having survived his supposed death. Its clear writer Tim Seeley is a big fan of the movie, because not only is the comic loaded with easter eggs, he also has a keen understanding of the tone of The Lost Boys too.

The Lost Boys comic expands on ideas from the original - making grandpa a secret vampire hunter is a stroke of genius - while introducing new concepts of its own. It retains the unique feel of the movie, while the Blood Belles make for cool new villains. The actual story gets pretty outlandish, but since the series is so enjoyable that's easy to overlook. A Lost Boys TV pilot is currently in the works, with the CW opting to reject a pilot that had already been reshot but greenlighting a reworked take on the concept. It's unknown if this show will be linked to the original film or not, but hopefully, it will match the fun of Vertigo's Lost Boys comic series.

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