Where Are They Now? The Cast Of The Lost Boys

Kiefer Sutherland in The Lost Boys - Movies That Will Inevitably Be Remade

The classic vampire movie The Lost Boys is now 30 years old. The film's been old enough to rent cars and carpet shampooers for some time now but with it turning 30, it can now really ruminate about the life it's made in its three decades on the planet.

We wouldn't be surprised if-- like most 30-somethings-- it got super into home brewing beer or started bothering their friends about a multi-level marketing scheme. At the very least, we can probably expect it to start sharing pictures on social media of the good ol; days of leather jackets, goth eyeliner, and an irresponsible amount of hairspray.

Kidding aside, the 1987 film boasted an impressive cast that-- in one way or another-- made an indelible mark on Hollywood and pop culture in general. Thirty decades is a long time and we've sadly lost a few people through the years but others have continued on with their careers in some spectacular ways.

Should you be wondering what happened to the vampire coven of Santa Clara and their victims, this list is here to answer that very specific question.

Here is Where Are They Now? The Cast Of The Lost Boys.

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The Lost Boys Corey Haim side by side
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15 Corey Haim

The Lost Boys Corey Haim side by side

Besides his role in Lucas the year before, there's probably not a more iconic role that Corey Haim ever played than the one in The Lost Boys. 

Whether or not one thinks of his story growing up in the limelight of Hollywood is a cautionary tale, Haim did have a fairly steady career in the decades after The Lost Boys. He appeared in movies and TV shows regularly (a few every year) throughout his career.

However, Haim's legacy is often overshadowed by the unfortunate events of his death in March of 2010 from an accidental overdose on prescription drugs. The details of what may have drove him to addiction and ultimately his death are messy to say the least and probably not entirely appropriate for this list celebrating one of his finest roles.

We can all agree that The Lost Boys wouldn't be the great movie it is without Haim's starring role as Sam Emerson.

14 Joel Schumacher

The Lost Boys Joel schumacher side by side

All too often, these "where are they now" lists tend to forget the folks behind the lens of the camera.

Before The Lost Boys, Schumacher had only a few titles under his directing belt including The Incredible Shrinking Woman and St. Elmo's Fire. In thirty years since the '80s vampire romp, he made quite a name for himself by directing such films as Flatliners, A Time to Kill, and Falling Down.

However, the films most people may associate with the director are 1995's Batman Forever and the 1997 follow-up Batman & Robin.

Whatever your opinion is on Schumacher's Batmen (Batmans? Bats Men?), his distinct take on the franchise deserves a spot in anyone's recollection of pop culture (and superhero movie) history.

13 Jason Patric

The Lost Boys Jason Patric Side By Side

In the film, Jason Patric played the brooding teenage older brother Michael to Haim's Sam. The events of the movie see him falling in with the absolutely worst crowd and becoming a creature of the night.

Some of the best scenes in the movie are of Patric and Haim dealing with his transformation and Michael's temptation to succumb to his newly vampiric ways and hurt the ones he loves.

The Lost Boys was Jason Patric's second major film he appeared in (the first being the fantastically '80s adventure Solarbabies) and he's kept acting ever since. Other than his iconic '80s movies, he went on to have major roles in films like Speed 2: Cruise Control and Sleepers, and played the main antagonist in 2010's adaptation of the Vertigo comic book series The Losers.

12 Billy Wirth

The Lost Boys Billy Wirth side by side

One of the main vampire cronies named Dwayne was played by actor Billy Wirth. While his name isn't exactly well-known, he's a part of the cast that's continued a fairly steady career over the years.

Plus, we really just wanted to include him since he's the only cast member of The Lost Boys who went on to actually compete (and kick ass) on American Gladiators. He not only played, but actually won, the "Assault" challenge (look up "1989 Semi Final 2 - Assault" on YouTube) with an alarming amount of bravado and that should be celebrated every chance we get.

Wirth's career didn't stop with taking down a tennis ball-launching Malibu (though it would have been a completely honorable time to retire) as he's gone on to have roles in Sex and the City, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Charmed, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. 

11 Barnard Hughes

The Lost Boys Barnard Hughes

Barnard Hughes had quite a career for decades before appearing in The Lost Boys, but really hit roles out of the park when he was able to play a bit of a bumbling grandfatherly type like he did in the movie. His role as Michael and Sam's Grandpa served as a bit of comic relief in the film and has the distinction of getting the last (and probably best) line in the entire film. Reflecting on his time in town, Granpa grabs a cold beer from the fridge and says; "One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires."

Hughes' first film was back in 1961 and appeared in 16 more before The Lost Boys. None of the films he was in before The Lost Boys particularly jump out as "classics" but his career continued on after with roles in The Odd Couple II, Cradle Will Rock, Doc Hollywood, and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. 

10 Jamison Newlander

The Lost Boys Jamison Newlander side by side

There's not a much cooler thing to list on a resume than the words "Alan Frog: Vampire Hunter" and actor Jamison Newlander is lucky enough to do so. Newlander's role as the other half of the Corey Feldman brotherly comic book and vampire-obsessed duo foes down as one of the more iconic roles in all of '80s movies.

Strangely, Newlander's career is relatively sparse for being a working actor, with just over two dozen credits in the last thirty years, according to IMDB. Of those credits, the actor has been involved in pretty much all attempts at resurrecting/renewing The Lost Boys franchise, appearing alongside Feldman the direct-to-video titles Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008) and Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010). 

Newlander also appears to have a role in the upcoming-- we wish we were kidding here-- A Tale of Two Coreys, a movie which chronicles the lives of Feldman and Haim.

9 Brooke McCarter

The Lost Boys Brooke McCarter Side By Side

Actor Brooke McCarter adds to the list of unfortunately deceased stars of The Lost Boys. In the film, McCarter played a vampire lackey in the group that recruits Michael.

When your role consists of being in the presence of a vampiric Kiefer Sutherland at all times, it's hard to take the spotlight. McCarter's career took him elsewhere - he was able to wear many other hats (producer, director, composer and musician) that more than likely ruined his magnificently coiffed blond hair in the movie.

McCarter's acting career beyond The Lost Boys is fairly scant but it does include an appearance in the '80s classic Thrashin' and a role in the The Twilight Zone TV series.

Brooke McCarter passed away on December 22, 2015, from alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency, a rare genetic liver disorder.

8 Kelly Jo Minter

The Lost Boys Kelly jo minter side by side

In the film, Kelly Jo Minter played Maria, an employee at Max's video store working alongside Michael and Sam's mom Lucy. Her role in the film may be a small one but-- again-- she's one of the actors in the film to continue onto a fairly steady career.

The year before The Lost Boys, Minter appeared as Denise Green in the 1987 comedy film Summer School and later went onto play Yvonne in the 1989 horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child.

Her acting career appears to have stopped in 2008 after a role on Zoey 101 but previous years included appearances on TV shows including A Different World, Hill Street Blues, ER, and Providence.

7 Alex Winter

The Lost Boys Alex Winter Side by Side

Alright, sure. In the capacity of The Lost Boys, Alex Winter plays Marko, the vampire henchman of Kiefer Sutherland's David. But Winter will always live in our hearts as Bill S. Preston, Esq. in the 1989 film Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and its 1991 sequel Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.

Though it's impossible not to see his face and feel compelled to do some sweet, sweet air guitar riffs, Winter has actually racked up more credits for directing than he has for acting over the years, having been behind the camera for things like Smosh: The Movie and the documentary, Deep Web, which covers things like Silk Road, bitcoin and politics of the dark web.

Thankfully, it looks like Winter will return in a yet-to-be-named Bill & Ted project where we know he'll bestow the most excellent of performances on us alongside Keanu Reeves.

6 Edward Herrmann

Edward Herrmann is the last Lost Boys cast member (as of the writing of this list) who's passed away. Before dying of brain cancer at the age of 71 on December 31, 2014, Herrmann had a very successful career that started in theater in the 1970s and continued on through TV and movies.

Boasting an impressive 133 acting credits (according to IMDB), it's nearly impossible to not recognize Edward's face from something you've seen or his voice from his steady gig narrating loads of programs for The History Channel.

He played Richard Gilmore on Gilmore Girlshad an arc as Lionel Deerfield on the CBS series The Good Wife, and played Richard Rich, Sr. in 1994's Richie Rich.

5 Jami Gertz

The Lost Boys Jami Gertz side by side

Vampire movies are made all the better when there's a femme fatale involved. In The Lost Boys, that role is taken quite literally as Jami Gertz's character Star is inadvertently the reason for Michael becoming one of the undead (or half of one if we want to be technical).

Gertz has kept working over the years and had quite the movie career in the '80s and '90s, starring alongside Jason Patric in Solarbabies and co-starring in 1996's Twister as Dr. Melissa Reeves-- but she truly made her career in TV. Gertz had roles on shows like ER, Still Standing, Ally McBeal, and Entourage. 

More recently, Gertz had the lead role on ABC's The Neighbors and appeared as Marin Rosenthal in a 2016 episode of This Is Us on NBC.

4 Dianne Wiest

Lost Boys dianne wiest side by side

It is an irrefutable fact of the universe that Dianne Wiest can do no wrong and her portrayal of caring motherly figures in movies and TV is part of the bedrock upon which most '80s/'90s pop culture knowledge is built. In The Lost Boys, Wiest plays Michael and Sam's mother Lucy who-- after all is said and done-- is the real target of Max's vampiric mayhem.

Wiest's career spans so many beloved things that we're likely going to miss major ones even while gushing about how great she is. Footloose, Hannah and Her Sisters, Edward Scissorhands, Bullets Over Broadway, The Birdcage, Dan in Real Life, and Synecdoche, New York are just a few of her fantastic roles.

In recent years, Wiest can be seen playing Joan Short on ABC's Life in Pieces.

3 Corey Feldman

Hoo boy! Where to begin?! We'd be lying if we said this list wasn't-- in part- -an excuse to talk about the bonkers life of actor Corey Feldman. Everyone knows him from roles in The Goonies, and of course, his portrayal of Edgar Frog in The Lost Boys. 

While it's easy to point out how Feldman has done his darnedest to keep The Lost Boys franchise alive with direct-to-video sequels, what we really need to talk about is his music career. Yes. Corey Feldman's music career.

His band, Corey Feldman & the Angels, has more or less (we mean less) made a name for themselves recently with inexplicably weird (we mean bad) performances (we mean train wrecks) including this one of "Go 4 It" (we'd rather not) on The Today Show in 2016.

2 Kiefer Sutherland

The Lost Boys kiefer sutherland side by side

Of all the stars of The Lost Boys, Kiefer Sutherland seems to have come out on top as the most notable actor (except maybe  Dianne Wiest). His role as the devilishly charming-- and incredibly hair-sprayed-- vampire named David is truly unforgettable.

Listing all of Sutherland's credits would not only take far too long but it'd also be moot considering how successful he's remained over the years. His role as Jack Bauer on 24 punched his way into our memories and makes watching him in almost anything else seem weird that a clock isn't always ticking.

Recently, he's starred in the ABC series Designated Survivor and will reprise his role as Dr. Nelson Wright from 1990's Flatliners in the upcoming remake/sort-of-sequel of the film.

1 Tim Cappello

The Lost Boys Tim Cappello side by side

Wait. Did you think we'd end this list with Sutherland, Haim, Feldman, or Dianne Wiest? No, no, no. We proudly end this list with the one true star of The Lost Boys and use this platform to thank him for his contribution to film and-- if we're being honest-- bettering our lives.

Tim Cappello is better known as the greased up and incredibly muscled saxophone player on the Santa Carla boardwalk where he shirtlessly gyrated his way into our hearts playing a cover of The Call's "I Still Believe."

Sure, Cappello is only in that one scene but we figure the movie would have been far too racy if he appeared on screen for any longer than he did.

Through the 1980s and '90s, Cappello was part of Tina Turner's band and-- as far as we can tell from our research--continues to work composing music for film and television. Some consider the SNL Digital Short "The Curse" a clear homage to Cappello with Jon Hamm playing a similarly shirtless saxophonist who follows Andy Samberg around.

Much to our dismay, it appears is no longer an active website but we are happy to see that Cappello is keepin' it saxy with occasional appearances like this one from 2016's Mad Monsterpalooza.


Who's your favorite star from The Lost Boys? Let us know in the comments!

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