Lost: The Show's Biggest Twists, Ranked

Few shows had more mysteries than Lost, and the answers were never what fans expected. We've ranked the biggest twists they threw at us.

Few shows had more mysteries than Lost. The high-concept drama followed the survivors of a plane crash stuck on a deserted island, but it quickly became clear that there was much more going on here. The island continued to reveal more crazy aspects of itself while the survivors revealed more about their complicated past lives.

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Some fans would argue that the show seemed to be making up its mysteries as it went along but there's no denying that it featured some truly shocking moments. While the payoffs were not always satisfying, Lost excelled at keeping us guessing and providing some great surprises. Here are the biggest twists from Lost.

10 Kate Is A Convict

Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen in Lost

The show wastes no time throwing the audience head-first into this crazy scenario. The plane is crashed, there's chaos amongst the survivors and we have no idea what's going on. It is only after the dust settles that we start to gradually meet these characters and learn their backstories.

Early on in the show, the survivors discover some handcuffs in the forest, hinting that one of the survivors is a potentially dangerous convict. While there are some credible guesses to who the jailbird might be, in an unexpected reveal, it turns out to be Kate.

9 Other Survivors

Michelle Rodriguez as Ana Lucia Cortez in Lost

John Locke is one of the few survivors who seems perfectly happy to be trapped on that island. He knows there is something special going on there and seeks to uncover its truth. With the help of young Boone, Locke takes a trek into the jungle in search of answers.

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Locke and Boone come across of small plane crashed in a tree. Boone climbs up to investigate and finds a working radio. He sends out a message saying he is part of the group of survivors of Oceanic 815. However, the voice on the other end responds, "We're the survivors of Oceanic 815."

8 Locke Is Dead

During the later season, we see what life is like for those who made it off the island. It turns out that it is not as happy as one might think. One character who takes this new life particularly hard is Jack Shepard. His life seems to be falling apart outside the island and things get worse when he learns of the death of a man named Jeremy Bentham.

While the name doesn't mean anything to us at the time, we've spent enough time with Lost at this point to know Mister Bentham is someone we know. So in the last minute reveal when Jack visits the body, it is revealed that Locke in Bentham and the mystery of his death then begins.

7 Walt Is Taken

On Lost, why was Walt so special.

At the end of Season 1, a handful of survivors decide to take matters into their own hands and build a raft to escape the island. The endeavor is spearheaded by Michael whose main concern is protecting his son Walt.

Along with Sawyer and Jin, they manage to take the raft into the open ocean and come across a small boat, seemingly meaning they are saved. However, things turn grim when the men on the boat tell them that they're only there to take the boy. A shootout occurs, the raft is destroyed and the men leave with Walt.

6 Michael Kills Anna Lucia And Libby

Libby shot Lost

After Walt is taken, Michael becomes a changed man. He is violent, vengeful and is willing to do anything to get his son back. When Michael is reunited with the other survivors, including the survivors from the tail section of the plane, he continues his mission to reunite with Walt.

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After discovering that they are keeping Ben Linus captive in the hatch, Michael offers to kill Ben for Anna Lucia since she couldn't bring herself to do it. However, Michael instead kills her and Libby who walks in at that moment. He then frees Ben in an attempt to make a deal with him.

5 The Hatch

The hatch was one of the biggest mysteries of Season 1. Locke finds the mysterious hatch in the jungle and becomes obsessed with uncovering its meaning. Without knowing what, if anything, is inside, he maintains immense fate that he was meant to find the hatch for a reason. That fate is tested again and again.

After Boone does, Locke reaches a breaking point. Frustrated, he continuously bangs on the hatch door, saying he did everything that he was supposed to and still received no answers. At that moment, a light comes on in the hatch.

4 Locke Was Paraplegic

Terry O'Quinn as John Locke on Lost

At first, it's hard to imagine why Locke seems to be the only one accepting of being stuck on the island. Not only that, but he sees the island as some kind of greater power which brought them to it for a purpose. However, Locke's reasoning becomes clear with the shocking revelation about his life before the crash.

We see Locke traveled to Australia in the first place to go on a walkabout. However, he is turned down for the excursion because, as it turns out, he is unable to walk. Locke experienced some sort of miracle on the island giving him back his ability to walk and making him a believer in its powers.

3 Not Penny's Boat

Charlie Lost

There have been several moments throughout the show when it seemed like the survivors were about to be rescued only for disaster to ensure. However, none were as devastating as this particular moment.

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After a boat appears just off the island, it is believed that it belongs to Desmond's long-lost love, Penny. As Charlie and Desmond board one of the Dharma stations, Charlie gets Penny on the radio but she reveals the boat is not hers. As the facility floods, Charlie sacrifices himself by warning Desmond that the boat is not here to save them before he drowns.

2 The Church

Lost finale

As the final season of the show came to an end, fans were eagerly anticipating how the show would wrap up its many mysteries and deliver the big reveal. From the beginning, one of the most popular theories was that the survivors were actually dead and the island was purgatory. That turned out to be true – sort of.

The finale revealed that while the crash and all the events on the island did indeed happen, their lives off the island was some sort of purgatory. The reveal seems to have satisfied some fans while deeply angering others. But the final scene with all the survivors reuniting in a church and passing over into the afterlife was touching.

1 Flashforward

Evangeline Lily as Kate and Matthew Fox as Jack in Lost

The flashbacks have always been a huge part of Lost since the beginning. Each episode focused on a different character and show parts of their lives before they got stranded on the island. In the Season 3 finale, this technique was brilliantly used for the show's most memorable reveal.

As we follow Jack during a particularly low point in his life, he goes out to the airport to meet someone. When it is revealed to be Kate, someone he had only met on the island, we realize this is not a flashback but a flashforward. They somehow got off the island and, even more perplexing, Jack is insisting they have to go back.

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