Lost: 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Episodes, According to IMDb

The TV drama Lost is one of the most inventive and interesting series. Let's take a look at the highest and lowest rated episodes of the show on IMDb.

There once was a time when Lost was considered one of the greatest TV shows of all time. And sure, maybe it still has that distinction to some, but there's no denying that the final season (and especially the finale) soured the show's standing for a lot of people. That said, the show is still rife with incredible episodes, and it remains one of the most imaginative TV shows ever aired on network television.

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Like any show, you have to take the good with the bad. These are the five best and worst episodes of Lost, according to IMDb voters.

10 Best - Pilot: Part 1 (9.3)

What better way to start the list than the Pilot? Lost's pilot is often considered one of the best pilots in TV history, and for good reason. The production values were simply incredible for the time, and no one had seen anything like the opening plane crash sequence on TV before.

It also introduced a ton of intriguing storylines and mysteries, including the iconic Smoke Monster, and we got to know many of the soon-to-be classic characters, all of whom got a chance to shine. What a great episode.

9 Worst - Recon (7.9)

There are a lot of episodes with the fifth-lowest score of 7.9, but for the sake of seasonal variety, we'll be going with season six's "Recon." In this one, Locke sends Sawyer to the other island to spy on Widmore's group and he ends up getting kidnapped and taken to the submarine.

In the alternate story, Sawyer and Miles work as LAPD officers. Most of the episode's criticism is aimed at the lame B story with Sawyer and Miles that A) has nothing to do with the on-island story, B) isn't thematically connected in any way, and C) is dreadfully boring.

8 Best - There's No Place Like Home: Part 2 (9.3)

Say what you will about Lost, but it always knew how to do a season finale. "There's No Place Like Home" is easily one of the busiest and most exciting Lost episodes. We have the survivors being rescued by Penny's ship, Michael (and Jin's?) death on the freighter, the reveal of Locke's corpse in the present timeline, and of course Ben literally moving the island through time and space.

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Many people will argue that this was the peak of Lost, as the story became too convoluted and nonsensical after this. Not saying we believe that! But it is a common opinion.

7 Worst - The Other Woman (7.9)

Season four is considered one of the show's best (and easily its snappiest), but it does contain a dud in "The Other Woman." In this one, Juliet and Jack travel to The Tempest to stop Daniel and Charlotte from activating The Tempest and we learn more about Juliet's romantic affairs with Goodwin.

Many people bemoaned the episode for its disappointing climax and soap opera-esque story concerning Juliet's complicated (and boring) love life. It also doesn't help that it followed "The Constant..."

6 Best - Live Together, Die Alone (9.4)

"Live Together, Die Alone" is the brilliant finale of the otherwise divisive season two. Like There's No Place Like Home, this was an episode chock full of exciting developments.

We get Desmond's amazing backstory (and tear-inducing tie-in to Locke's storyline), the official reveal of Ben, Michael's departure, the implosion of the hatch, the heroes' capture at the hands of the Others, and the introduction of Penny Widmore. This is TV at its most exciting and intriguing.

5 Worst - What Kate Does (7.7)

It's no secret that Lost fans didn't take too kindly to Kate. Not only did they find her annoying (not Evangeline Lilly's fault, but the writers'), but they found her backstory both boring and unsympathetic. It came to a head in What Kate Does, the lowest-rated Kate related episode.

In this one, Kate helps Claire deliver a baby in alternate LA, which was probably the lamest purgatory side plot. Of course, the on-island story wasn't much better, as it concerned Sayid miraculously coming back to life and Sawyer running away from the temple. Nothing exciting or interesting to see here, people.

4 Best - The Constant (9.7)

"The Constant" is considered not only the best episode of Lost, but arguably one of the greatest episodes of television ever produced. Basically everything is pitch-perfect, including Henry Ian Cusick's unbelievable performance as Desmond and the rapid-fire editing style as Desmond bounces back and forth in time.

But of course, most of the acclaim goes to the episode's ending, which is easily one of the most heartwarming and touching scenes in TV history. We cry every time! That music! That acting! It's fantastic TV.

3 Worst - Fire + Water (7.3)

The second season was criticized for often spinning its wheels and not really going anywhere, and "Fire + Water" is a perfect representation of that particular blight. We get a boring C story with Hurley and Libby and a painful Charlie flashback where we see, you guessed it, more drug addiction and brotherly squabbles.

But the biggest offender is the ridiculous story of Charlie kidnapping Claire's baby because he wants to have it baptized. By this point, we were all yelling "Get a move on!"

2 Best - Through The Looking Glass (9.7)

"The Constant" has fierce competition in "Through the Looking Glass," the iconic season three finale. This is easily one of the best, most emotional, and most exciting episodes in TV history. We finally traverse to the Looking Glass station, Locke kills Naomi, Charlie drowns in the show's most devastating sequence, and we learn of a mysterious party sitting just off the island.

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And how we could forget that classic ending where Jack meets Kate IN THE FUTURE, which is easily one of the greatest plot twists in TV history. We keep saying "in TV history," but really, Lost is just that good!

1 Worst - Stranger In A Strange Land (7.3)

"Stranger in a Strange Land" is often named as the worst episode of Lost, and for good reason. By this point, many people had become incensed over the slow pace and aimless direction of season three, and it culminated in the dreadful Stranger in a Strange Land, aka the episode where literally nothing interesting happens and Jack gets his tattoos.

In fact, the episode was so condemned that Lindelof and Cuse went straight to the network executives and demanded a finite end to the series because they were sick of spinning their wheels. Luckily, the demand worked and Lost quickly got back on track.

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