Top 25 Moments From 6 Years of 'Lost'

Locke revealed in the coffin - Season 4, Episode 14 "There's No Place Like Home, Part 3"

Here we have yet another one of Lost's great twists. The mystery of who was in the coffin had been hovering over season 4, but when the corpse was revealed I don't think there was anyone who didn't need help lifting their jaw off of the floor. The way in which they chose to reveal it was key - "We're gonna' have to bring him, too," Ben tells Jack, and the camera swoops over the coffin lid to reveal Locke lying dead, laying the ground work for a lot of the plot to come in seasons 5 and 6.

Ben strangles Locke to death - Season 5, Episode 7 "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

Lost Top 25 Moments - Ben strangles Locke to death

We knew for a while that John Locke was going to end up dead, after seeing him in the coffin back at the end of season 4. But just how he got there was just one of the many lingering mysteries.

After several unsuccessful attempts at convincing those that left the Island to go back, Locke gets to the point where he believes he's a failure and tries to kill himself. Just before he does, however, Ben arrives and talks him out of it. As we begin to think that maybe Locke won't die after all, and him being in the coffin was just be smoke and mirrors, Ben proceeds to strangle poor Locke to death with the very same cord he had tried to kill himself with just moments earlier.

The biggest betrayal since Michael shot Ana Lucia and Libby, this is undoubtedly a highlight moment of the mind-bending season that was Lost season 5, and of the show as a whole.

Conversation between Jacob and the Man in Black - Season 5, Episode 17 "The Incident, Part 1"

lost series finale Jacob and Man in Black

If I had to pick a moment as my personal favorite, it would be this. Up until the season 5 finale we'd only heard about Jacob, but it was never clear whether he was even real or not. I never really expected to see him and yet "The Incident" gave us a healthy dose of Jacob and how he affected the lives of a lot of our Losties.

However, the moment that sticks out is when Jacob and a mysterious man dressed in black have one of the most important exchanges of dialogue of the entire show:

"They come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends the same."

"It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress."

After that we get our first real look at the mysterious four-toed statue as the Man in Black walks off the beach.

We were dropped into an unknown point in time and presented with this scene that foreshadowed the rest of the final arch of the Lost mythology.

Ben murders Jacob - Season 5, Episode 17 "The Incident, Part 2"

Lost Top 25 Moments - Ben stabs Jacob

A lot happened in the Lost season 5 finale and this was without a doubt one of the standout moments. We finally get to see Jacob (in the present) and Ben finally confronts him after all the years of taking orders from a man he'd never seen in the flesh.

The Man in Black's plan to manipulate Ben into killing Jacob (the loophole he referred to in the beach conversation) had finally worked out as planned. Jacob insisted that Ben has a choice; Ben asks Jacob, "What about me?" and after Jacob dismisses him by replying, "What ABOUT you?" Ben proceeds to stab Jacob and then the Man in Black kicks him into the fire.

We'd only seen Jacob for the first time in that very same episode and yet here he appeared to have been killed. In hindsight, things worked in a way that made sense but at the time it was baffling that Jacob would be out of the picture so quickly and easily.

Juliet's Death - Season 5, Episode 17 "The Incident, Part 2"

Lost Top 25 Moments - Juliet falls down the hatch shaft

After an intense fight between the Losties and the Dharma goons above the Hatch shaft, and Jack dropping the bomb down the shaft, an electromagnetic rupture drags all metal down the shaft. Unfortunately, Juliet gets caught up in some chains and dragged down with everything else.

Sawyer grabs hold of her hand and desperately tries to pull her up - but to no avail.  Juliet's a goner. She loses her grip on Sawyer's hand (or let's go?) and falls seemingly to her death. But a little while later we see that Juliet isn't dead, although very badly injured at the bottom of the Hatch shaft.

In one last act of defiance she bangs repeatedly on the bomb (a total of eight times, if you notice :-) ) until it presumably explodes and we were left with a white screen (instead of the usual black), wondering if Daniel and Jack's plan to reset the timeline really worked.

Sun and Jin's Death - Season 6, Episode 15 "The Candidate"

Lost Top 25 Moments - Death of Sun and Jin

As Lost was coming to an end, the stakes really were high and evidently no character was safe from death. After the Man in Black tricked most of the Losties into boarding the submarine (getting them in a "nice confined space with no hopes of getting out of"), a C4 bomb he had planted was detonated in a heroic act of self-sacrifice and redemption by Sayid.

However, that still left the submarine ruptured and filling up with water. Sayid's death kind of felt like it was a long time coming, but I was shocked and devastated that Sun and Jin were killed after only a short reunion (they were apart for almost 30 episodes!). Instead of leaving Sun to die alone, Jin chose to stay with her and kept his promise of never being apart from her again (one problem with the scene was a total dismissal of the fact they had a daughter who would be orphaned). Holding hands they drowned and then their bodies drifted apart.

It was especially smart of the writers to include a scene afterwards where Jack, Kate and Hurley mourned the deaths of their friends on the beach. In a season filled with mythology and general mystery, this was one of the standout emotional moments. You're dead inside if you didn't well up at least a little.

The death of EVERYONE - Season 6, Episode 17 "The End"

Lost Top 25 Moments - End of the show

Finally we come to the last top moment on the list and the last moment of the show in general. For six years people have waited on answers and to find out the fate of the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors. What we got with the series finale was a poignant and satisfying conclusion (to at least the character's journeys), even if every single question wasn't fully answered.

Towards the end we saw the Losties in a kind of "pre-afterlife." Personally I think it was an unexpected yet perfect ending to the show. The writers really did an amazing job showing us this sideways timeline all season, while still saving the big reveal of this alternate universe until the very end.

Finally, to tie things off and bring everything full circle, Jack lays down in the exact spot he first awoke in the Pilot and closes his eye.

Top 25 Lost Moments - Jack closes his eye

The end brought things back to what the show has always been about at its core - characters. Sure there's a polar bear, a smoke monster, mysterious cursed numbers, a ship in the middle of the Island and a light source that needs protecting (to name just a few Lost mysteries) but the characters are the real focal point of Lost and I'm so glad they went that route in ending the show.


Lost has been a great ride full of moments of mystery, excitement, emotion, joy, pain and everything else in between. I am not exaggerating in saying that I think it's the single greatest television show ever made. Was it perfect? No, of course not. But what TV show or movie ever  is? Even the flawed aspects are still at least interesting. I'm sure I'm not alone in looking forward to going back and watching the entire series many times over with new eyes.

So there you have it, Screen Rant's list of the top 25 moments from Lost. What do you think? Agree with the list or think we're crazy for including the ones we did and not others? What moments would you put on YOUR list? Let us known in the comments section below.

Lost Top 25 Moments - sadly missed
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