Lost: 4 Minutes From The Season 6 Premiere

[Serious Spoiler Warning!!]

[I’m completely serious. I am going to literally spoil the first four minutes of Lost for you]

Apparently something “went down” yesterday regarding Lost in which the first four minutes from the season premiere were posted online.  I guess it stemmed from ABC running a contest where 815 people would get a USB drive with the first four minutes of the season premiere on it. As with most things today, that footage made its way onto the internet.

In typical “let’s stay ahead of it” fashion, ABC released the first four minutes for the press to see. The good part is that our version didn’t have the “Property of ABC Studios” written across it, but the bad part is that it was in standard 4:3.

Still, spoilers are spoilers and this is a pretty big one considering that ABC is not allowing the press to see the season premiere before it airs. Why? Well, because of things like this.

Alright, enough of the small talk, lets get to the spoilers.

In Lost's fifth season finale we were left with everyone trying to set off the bomb, Juliet fell down the hole and things went crazy. She started banging on the bomb and BOOM! White screen!

The season premiere picks up right where it left off. Well, it picks up a little bit before, but who cares about semantics.

As the white screen fades we see Jack flying in an airplane and as you might have guessed, it’s flight 815. The events of the pilot were playing over again as Jack is having a conversation with Rose the plane starts freaking out again, seems like turbulence.. you know, the kind of turbulence that rips a plane in two and creates a television series that lasts six years.

Just when you brace yourself to watch 815 rip apart again, the turbulence stops and everything goes back to normal and Greg Grunberg returns as the pilot as his voice comes over the loud speaker to apologize for the bumpy ride.

… and then he used his mind powers to put everyone on the plane into a mental prison where they think they’re stuck on an island with crazy monsters, weird people, fuzzy logic and Daniel Faraday… because Daniel is their constant...

Oh no! I seem to be mixing up my television series once again. Well, at least this is better than my Golden Girls/Baywatch incident of ’98. Trust me, it’s better left unexplained.

In case my description wasn’t good enough for you, I’ll put the video below… but ABC may pull it down.

So, what did you think? Any good? I can’t believe you watched it. Way to wait so long just to spoil it right before it airs.

Since nobody on the site wanted to spoil Lost, I stepped up and wrote this. Now, if I can only find an editor that doesn’t mind spoiling it as well maybe I can get this thing live.

Don’t forget to catch the two-hour season premiere of Lost February 2 on ABC and check back here for our review!

Source: ABC

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