Amazon Orders Lore Season 2 From Exorcist Showrunner

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Lore is getting a second season, after Amazon confirmed that the horror anthology show was being brought back. The show, which is based on Aaron Mahnke’s extremely popular podcast of the same name, had its first run of episodes courtesy of Amazon Video in October 2017, with each episode following a different theme to tell a creepy tale.

Unfortunately, the show did not set the world alight quite as much as the podcast did, with a mixed critical reception. However, there was still something extremely compelling about Lore as a television show, and as such it developed a strong following from Amazon viewers for its six episode run. Those fans were then interested to see whether the show would be making a return in the future.

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Now, it has been confirmed that Lore will indeed get itself a second season. As reported by Deadline, Amazon has officially revealed that the horror anthology show is going to be coming back. There are also some major changes behind the scenes for the show, with The Exorcist showrunner Sean Crouch now taking over from Glen Morgan.

Campbell Scott, Steve Coulter, Benjamin Keepers in Lore Series Premiere

The Valhalla Entertainment and Propagate Content-produced TV series may well be going for some bigger scares this time around based on Crouch's involvement, and this is something that is mirrored in a statement given by Propagate's Ben Silverman and Howard Owens, who said that the show is "set to be scarier than ever." Lore's blend of different styles to explore horror legends was certainly a unique one, and so if this can be married to a more stable level of quality then viewers should be in for something special - particularly if Mahnke’s own choices for episodes to be adapted come to fruition.

Exactly what Lore season two will be about remains to be seen, while the exact structure and release of the series is also yet to be confirmed. However, the second season would be likely to follow the first, with six episodes released in the fall. In terms of content, Propagate has stated that the upcoming season will "explore global, real-life horror stories that make this series unlike anything else on television," although that may not come as a surprise to those that watched the first season.

If Amazon is going for a scarier tone, then Crouch's involvement definitely seems to be a great fit. The Exorcist under his leadership proved to be a very effective show, so much so that it could be considered one of the best TV shows of 2017. Bringing that level of quality to Lore while retaining its documentary style could certainly mean that the show lives up to the potential that the podcast provides.

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Source: Deadline

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