Exclusive: How Lore Season 2 Is Totally Changing Based on Feedback

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The creators of Amazon's anthology horror series Lore are making major changes to season 2 based on feedback from the show's fans. While the first season of Lore found its footing as a visual counterpart to the podcast it's based on, season 2 will take major strides in reformatting its structure from the inside out.

Based on the podcast of the same name from Aaron Mahnke, Lore is a live-action anthology series based on true events that are infused with supernatural mythologies, including everything from changelings to werewolves. And, while the first season of Amazon's series adapted episodes directly from Mahnke's podcast, with Mahnke's narration juxtaposing with live-action dramatic recreations, the creators behind the show responded to feedback from fans while embarking on season 2, and ultimately crafted a wholly new approach to the series as a result.

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At New York Comic Con 2018, we spoke with creator Aaron Mahnke and executive producers Howard T. Owens (Jackie), Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead), and Sean Crouch (The Exorcist) about the direction season 2 of Lore will be taking, and the they reflected on the unique course of action that was necessary in order to create the best version of their show. Owens specifically touched on how they "probably tried to pay a little too much homage to the podcast in season 1," but ultimately "strengthened the stories [in season 2] by simplifying them," as opposed to crafting a visual history lesson. Hurd added to that by referring specifically to fan feedback, saying that season 2 will be much more "integrated." She said:

"The feedback that we got from the fans was that they loved the story, they loved the adaptation from the podcast to a streaming series, but they felt that they became disconnected from the characters. And, since these are real life characters that these things happen to, every time we took a step to flesh out the world the way that Aaron does so beautifully in the podcast, [the audience] felt alienated from the characters, so we wanted to stick to one story, but to be able to expand the scope and integrate all of the alternative documentary-type materials."

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Owens also touched on the fact that one of their key learning lessons going into season 2 was how "the user experience for both [the podcast and series] is incredibly different," which factored into how they evolved the series. Instead of making the series an extension of the podcast, season 2 would instead serve as an independent source of entertainment from which viewers might be inspired to seek out the podcast for supplemental information.

Watching season 2 of Lore, audiences are going to immediately recognize the noticeable shift in tone, pacing, and scope. It plays out more like a fully realized standalone episode, as opposed to integrating the patchwork of elements the series implemented in season 1. The result is a tighter - and much scarier - final product.

Season 2 of Lore is available for streaming on Amazon Prime on October 19, 2018.

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