Lore Podcast Creator Reveals Which Episode He’d Like to See Adapted

Aaron Mahnke, the creator of the hit podcast Lore, revealed at New York Comic Con 2017 which episode he’d like to see Amazon adapt in future seasons. The new series, which is available to stream tomorrow, is based on the podcast centered around the darker and frightening side of history behind modern-day myths and legends presented in a “campfire experience.”

Mahnke is serving as co-executive producer along with The Walking Dead’s Gale Anne Hurd and The X-Files Glen Morgan to bring the series to life with episodes comprised of documentary footage, animation, narration and cinematic reenactments to tell the riveting, creepy and terrifying stories told by Mahnke on his podcast, which has reached an average of five million monthly listeners.

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During the NYCC Lore roundtable attended by Screen Rant, Mahnke spoke about which podcast episode he would like to see Amazon adapt for future seasons of the series. For the first season, viewers will see episodes about the fear of consumption in the 1800s, the history behind the icepick lobotomy, fairy changelings, the 19th century Spiritualist Movement and werewolves. Here is what Mahnke said about which podcast episode he would like to see adapted next:

“There’s an episode called “Rope and Railing” about two lighthouse keepers off the coast of Whales in the 1800s. What a great character episode that would be, to have just two people in a room - and at one point, one of them is dead and it’s just one person essentially going insane with a dead body strapped to a railing outside the window and no help coming.”

It sounds like a dark episode Mahnke is hoping Amazon will adapt for the new TV series, but also one that would make for compelling storytelling. Mahnke also discussed how the episodes were chosen for the first season out of the 70 episodes he has produced so far. He reveals the lucky six podcast episodes were picked because they fall in line with “comfortable horror topics” that will ease viewers into the new mixed media format the series follows. Here is what he said:

“I love the choices we made this year because it’s a different format, we’re playing a little bit with mixed media, bringing in animation and other things. So I like the fact that we have some more comfortable horror topics if that’s a phrase, like vampires and werewolves and haunted houses, because you’re going to be put off enough with this new format that’s approaching stuff from a different way to then have to wrestle with some obscure topic or concept or theme, I like that we’re jumping in with something familiar. So I feel like these were easy ones to do, they’re also some of my favorites.”

We agree with Mahnke that the topics chosen for the first season of Lore are fairly comfortable when it comes to horror considering vampires, werewolves, fairies, haunted houses and insane asylums are staples in classic horror that viewers will find themselves familiar with. Although, we can’t wait to see some of the more obscure episodes of Lore brought to life like the one that explores the life of serial killer H.H. Holmes or the sightings of zombies in a small Caribbean village.

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Lore premieres October 13 on Amazon Prime.

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