Amazon's Lore TV Series Trailer Promises 6 New Terrifying Stories

The trailer for Amazon's Lore promises six new terrifying stories. While recent days have featured more than one surprise cancellation by Amazon Studios - as a part of reported belt-tightening by the company - there are still some new original series headed to Prime streaming. One of these is Lore, based on the popular podcast of the same name. Hosted by Aaron Mahnke, the Lore podcast draws an average of five million listens a month, and was included in Apple's best podcast lists for both 2015 and 2016.

For those unfamiliar with the podcast, Lore examines the reportedly true origin stories behind modern-day myths and legends. The TV series version of Lore will tell these stories by combining documentary footage, narration, and cinematic reenactments in order to create both an accurate and entertaining portrait of what is said to have happened. A show that examines urban legends in this manner isn't exactly revolutionary in format, but Lore sports some powerhouse producers behind the project, including The Walking Dead's Gale Ann Hurd and The X-Files' Glen Morgan. One presumes this will lead to higher levels of production value than similar series on basic cable.

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Amazon has today released the first full trailer for Lore, which arrives globally on Prime streaming next month, just in time for some Halloween season viewing. The trailer - included above - promises six terrifying tales, which adapt some of the most popular episodes of the Lore podcast. One story focuses on the infamous haunted doll named Robert, while others feature classic creatures of the night like vampires and demons.

One way in which Lore separates itself from other shows that recount supernatural events is with the presence of recognizable actors in the reenactments. Notable names in the Lore cast include Robert Patrick (Terminator 2), Kristin Bauer van Straten (Once Upon a Time), Adam Goldberg (Fargo), Holland Roden (Teen Wolf), and two recent veterans of Netflix's House of Cards, Colm Feore and Campbell Scott. Feore played Republican VP candidate Ted Brockhart on the political drama, while Scott plays unscrupulous White House adviser Mark Usher.

While Amazon has a few critical hits in its stable - such as Transparent and The Man in the High Castle - the company is still awaiting the day where one of its originals catches on with the public to the degree of something like Stranger Things or Game of Thrones. Will Lore be that breakthrough? Realistically, probably not, but as the series itself proves, more unlikely things have happened.

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Lore premieres October 13 on Amazon Prime.

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