Lord of the Rings Stars Orlando Bloom & Ian McKellen Have Mini Reunion

Adam Brown Orland Bloom and Ian McKellen in The Lord of the Rings

Four years after working together on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - and another 15 years since the final entry in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy - Orlando Bloom (who played the elf Legolas) and Ian McKellen (who played the wizard Gandalf) met for a mini reunion recently. They were joined by The Hobbit's Adam Brown (who played the Dwarf Ori).

Based on the novels by author J. R. R. Tolkien, the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit adaptations tell the tale of a fantastical world called Middle-earth and its ongoing battle between good and evil. The characters Legolas and Gandalf met in the first of the three Lord of the Rings movies, titled The Fellowship of the Ring, when they swear allegiance to the Hobbit Frodo during his quest to destroy the One Ring in Mount Doom. Ori, on the other hand, meets the other two in the prequel trilogy The Hobbit, during a quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain's Dwarven city Erebor from the greedy dragon Smaug. Now, years after the actors portrayed Tolkien's classic characters, the actors reunited out of character to ditch the perilous roads of Middle-earth in favor of a night on the town.

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Bloom, McKellen, and Brown took a group selfie of themselves, which Bloom then shared on his personal Instagram account. He humorously captioned the photo by saying, "a dwarf, a wizard and an elf walk into a bar..." Both Bloom and McKellen are currently starring in lead roles in productions in London's West End - in Tracy Letts' Killer Joe and William Shakespeare's King Lear, respectively. Incidentally, McKellen recently sat out a performance of King Lear after injuring his foot, according to The Telegraph. He spent the evening speaking directly to the audience out of character.

Adam Brown Ian McKellen and Orlando Bloom Instagram

Now, even though the Lord of the Rings franchise has come and gone, McKellen has shown interest in revisiting the role of Gandalf in the upcoming Lord of the Rings TV series from Amazon. He outright stated his dissatisfaction with someone other than himself playing the role, saying "Now isn't that annoying? That there's going to be another Gandalf in town?" That said, there has yet to be any confirmation regarding his official involvement with the series.

While McKellen's return to the Lord of the Rings franchise could turn out to be a successful move for Amazon, returning to the franchise in general has been met with mixed reactions over the past years. Jackson's Hobbit trilogy (based on a single 310-page novel) was met with considerably less praise than his Lord of the Rings trilogy released roughly a decade prior. In fact, The Return of the King earned an Oscar for Best Picture. So, granted Amazon may have an inspired take on another trip to Tolkien's Middle-earth, it remains to be seen whether or not the series - with or without McKellen - will do justice to the source material.

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Source: Orlando Bloom, The Telegraph

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