20Hurt: Celeborn And Galadriel

Galadriel Celeborn Lord of the Rings

His sudden appearance at the end of the trilogy only confused things.

Celeborn and Galadriel may have been married, they don't exactly have a strong love story. As depicted in the movies, Martin Csokas' Celeborn comes off more as a close co-worker of Galadriel's than the Elf who has been married to her for ages. His scenes from Fellowship of the Ring

were cut, and then he appears alongside Galadriel on the boat to the Valinor at the end of Return of the King. The absence of Celeborn from the first two films allowed fans to come up with their own stories about Galadriel's personal life.

In the books, Celeborn does not join Galadriel in the journey to Valinor. He stayed in Rivendell instead.

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