13Minas Tirith Not Starving To Death

When Minas Tirith is introduced it’s a city under siege and amid a gigantic and cataclysmic war. By most normal standards that would cause a bit of strain on resources and food. Yet while the people of Minas Tirith are obviously preparing for war they don’t seem much worse for


The rulers are shown to be eating quite extensive meals, none of the people seem to be starving at all and despite some fretting there’s no real sense of impending doom.

Yet looking at Minas Tirith, this makes almost no sense. It’s a castle built into a literal mountain, there should be no way that food should be in abundance because it clearly can’t be coming from inside the city. A city like Minas Tirith would be getting sustenance from outside but somehow, in the movies at least, the city is thriving.

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