14The Speed of the Elves

The race of the elves are a lot more agile and speedy than men. Elves are not human, and they often act as such in combat situations during the trilogy. However, there’s still some strangeness about how quickly the elves travel across Middle Earth.

This is especially evident in the latter

two movies where the armies of the elves essentially teleport all over the land. Lord of the Rings is almost pain-staking realistic about how long it takes the characters to get to one end of the Middle Earth to the other when comes to the main characters but the elves just pop where needed.

The most egregious example is at Helm’s Deep when the Elves appear, ahead of the orcs, with no justification. It’s one of the series' classic deus ex machina moments but it still it’s still bizarre how the elves jumped ahead of the Fellowship and why they’re even at the fortress in the first place.

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