Figwit Lord of the Rings

Figwit is last on this list because he has relatively no power.

You might be saying to yourself that Figwit doesn’t sound like an Elvish name, and you’d be right. Figwit is actually a fan-created acronym for “Frodo is great… who is this?”

The acronym was created when, upon rewatching The Fellowship of the Ring, a fan noticed that after Frodo makes the

heroic and selfless choice of offering to take the Ring to Mordor... before the camera cuts to a random elf.

That random elf is played by none other than Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords fame.

His character was brought back for a brief scene in The Return of the King and an even larger role in the Hobbit movies once Peter Jackson caught wind of Figwit’s popularity with the fans.

For example, when he tries to urge Arwen to press forward towards the Grey Havens, Arwen barely acknowledges his presence and rides past him.

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