15 Most Attractive Lord Of The Rings Characters

There are plenty of reasons to love Lord of the Rings. J R R Tolkien’s world is a complex and gorgeous one, filled with magic, adventure, and characters that inspire us.

There’s a reason why The Lord of the Rings (and The Hobbit) are some of the world’s most favorite fantasy books, and Peter Jackson’s adaptations of them are absolutely phenomenal.

However, if we want to be really honest, there’s another reason why The Lord of the Rings movies are worth a re-watch-- there are some very, very attractive people in this fantasy world.

Admittedly, there’s just something about cloaks and sword-swinging that tends to up the hotness factor of any actor by about ten. It’s just such a potent combination of romanticism and attractiveness, and women with flowing hair and flowing gowns (who also get to swing a sword or two) are similarly a lot hotter than they would be in jeans and a messy bun.

Even without the fantasy garb, though, these actors are just plain old gorgeous. Add in the character’s personalities and bravery and abilities, and you can’t pin all the heat of Middle Earth on the volcano at the top of Mount Doom.

Middle Earth is heating up... and not because of Mount Doom. Here are the 15 Most Attractive Characters In Lord Of The Rings!

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Cate Blanchett as Galadriel in Lord of the Rings
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15 Galadriel

Cate Blanchett as Galadriel in Lord of the Rings

The Lady of Lothlorien and Guardian of the Golden Wood (portrayed by Cate Blanchett) is exactly what someone would imagine when thinking about Elven Royalty. From her luminous skin and waterfall of long hair, to her delicate silver crown and gown, Galadriel is grace and beauty personified.

She glides through the films, gleaming with an otherworldy light, and managing to exude both strength and kindness in equal measure. She does have her one ugly moment, of course, when Frodo offered her the Ring.

Although she was able to refuse, it was only after a moment of darkness, when we saw what would happen if she accepted, when the world of Middle Earth would have her as its new, dark Queen, and “all would love me and despair.”

14 Frodo

Lord of the Rings Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins Hobbit The Shire

Compared to so many of the other stunning men in the series, Frodo (Elijah Wood) is occasionally forgotten, even though he is the main character. He’s also got quite a few scenes that don’t necessarily show him in the most flattering light-- no one looks good wrapped up by a giant spider and drooling out of the corner of their mouth.

However, before Frodo gets too damaged by carrying the One Ring, he’s certainly a Shire cutie. Fine features, those dark curls, piercing blue eyes… yup, that’s a hot Hobbit, right there.

He’s also capable of withstanding the pull of the Ring for the entire trilogy, which is no mean feat, as it’s an object that has warped almost all others who have held it. Strength, willpower, and willingness for self-sacrifice? Definitely attractive.

13 Arwen

Arwen (Liv Tyler) is one of the dark-haired elves, and her long black locks against her pale skin and gowns make a truly stunning contrast. She’s gorgeous whether she is moping about in Rivendell or riding out to save those who need her help (and there aren’t many people who can make moping look good, let alone do both).

It’s also her love for Aragorn that shines through, and that really makes her beautiful. She is willing to do whatever it takes to be with him, and to raise her family with him, and to ensure that the war is won.

Even when she had the chance to leave for the Undying Lands, she chooses to stay to do what is right, and that’s a truly beautiful decision.

12 Faramir

Brother Boromir (Sean Bean) is also a pretty gorgeous guy, but it’s Faramir (David Wenham) that is definitely the most attractive of the men of Gondor. He’s got that same longish hair and scruffy beard that is just so appealing, but he’s stronger than his brother when it comes to resisting the ring.

Not only is this man a leader and a powerful soldier, but he is also brave, self-sacrificing, loyal, and willing to show his feelings (especially when it comes to his sadness about his father).

The moment when he realizes the power of the Rin, and chooses to let Frodo go is one of his best -- and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he looks so darn good while he’s doing it.

11 Pippin

Billy Boyd as Pippin in Lord of the Rings

It’s hard to think of Pippin (Billy Boyd) without his ever-present sidekick Merry (Dominic Monaghan), but if we had to pick between these two brave Hobbits, it would be Pippin who wins out in the hotness stakes.

It’s not just that phenomenal bone structure and beautiful singing voice, though. It’s also the twinkle of mischief in his eye, and his willingness to always look for a way to have fun, even in the darkest moments.

He’s a Hobbit who will always keep your spirits up, but even his mischievous ways are balanced out by his desire to do the right thing when it really matters. He knows how to balance seriousness and silliness, and that’s an incredibly attractive quality to have.

10 Thranduil

Lee Pace as Thranduil in The Hobbit

Lee Pace’s Thranduil has cheekbones that you could cut yourself on, and he’s the Hobbit villain that we love to hate. Cold, imperious, isolationist, selfish… Thranduil isn’t the kind of guy who is made attractive by his actions.

However, it’s hard to deny that he’s absolutely gorgeous on the outside, even if it’s the kind of beauty that is only skin deep. His crown, his hair, his eyes, even just his commanding presence is the epitome of Elven power, and it’s absolutely stunning.

As he gains a tragic backstory and even a tiny bit of kindness by the end of trilogy, it’s harder and harder to hate him (and those cheekbones don’t hurt). It’s easy to see where Legolas gets his good looks.

9 Tauriel

Tauriel is The Hobbit Love Interest

Tauriel (Evangaline Lilly) doesn’t appear in the books, as she was created specifically for The Hobbit films (to balance out the all-male cast, primarily), and while that may irk some Tolkien purists, it doesn’t change the fact that this is one beautiful elf.

Her red hair sets off her green clothing perfectly, and it’s nice to see at least one female character in Lord of the Rings who doesn’t spend her time in a gown, but in a more practical outfit for her station as a fighter.

She’s strong but not standoffish, and cares about more than just her own safety -- something that puts her in conflict with her isolationist King. Tauriel is a feisty inspiration, and a phenomenal character addition to Middle Earth.

8 Bard

Bard the Bowman in 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug'

Bard the Bowman (Luke Evans), slayer of the Dragon Smaug, leader of the archers of Lake-Town, and loving father to his three children, is one of the hottest men in the Hobbit trilogy, hands down.

Obviously, Evan’s chiselled features and long dark hair play a huge part in that-- and he may be the only man still capable of pulling off a moustache and soul patch with total conviction. It’s not just the Welsh actor’s good looks that do it, though.

He’s a brave solider, a hero who fights to save his town and keep the peace, and an incredible father (which may be the most attractive thing of all). Tall dark and handsome, we’d love to visit Lake-Town while Bard is there.

7 Eomer

The Third Marshall of the Riddermark, and future king of Rohan, Eomer (Karl Urban) certainly embodies a royal soldier in The Lord of the Rings. That facial hair, that ability to connect with horses on a near-telepathic level, and the name of the Horse-Lords.

Eomer isn’t just an animal-lover, either. He was also exiled from his own land for standing up for his sister, when she was being creepily stalked by Grima Wormtongue, and he knows how to balance loyalty to his king with standing up when he knows that his King is not doing the right thing.

Brave, upright, and willing to fight for those who need it? Yup, this is one gorgeous Horse-Lord who saved the day at Helm’s Deep.

6 Thorin

Thorin in 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug'

Before The Hobbit trilogy began, Dwarves weren’t necessarily seen as the most attractive race on Middle Earth. John Rhys-Davies’ Gimli may have been a fan favorite in The Lord of the Rings, but he was never treated as an object, more like comic relief.

All that changed, of course, when Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) came striding in. This was a whole new kind of Dwarf, one who was less bearded and jolly, and more moody and mysterious.

An ousted King on a quest to regain his throne? Yum. An ousted Dwarf king with that little beard and long dark hair and an ability to fight? Even more yum. No wonder the initial reaction to cast photos was the Snow White got jipped. None of her Dwarves were anything like Thorin…

5 Fili

Fili in the Hobbit

As one of the two most attractive Dwarves ever to grace the fantasy screen, Fili (Dean O’Gorman) is never seen without his equally gorgeous brother, Kili (Aidan Turner).

For those who have trouble telling them apart (it happens), Fili is the lighter of the two, with braided hair and even a braided moustache. No-one else in the world could possibly make a braided moustache look good, but somehow, Fili pulls it off.

He’s also one of the most talented fighters of the company (and well as one of the youngest, at only 82) and despite his youth and inexperience, he (and his brother) will fight to the death to protect their uncle, Thorin. Loyal, capable, handsome, and brave, Kili is a fan-favorite from the trilogy, and with good reason.

4 Kili

Kili in The Hobbit

Fili’s brother, Kili, is equally gorgeous, although he chooses not to braid his beard. Instead, the youngest of the party (only 77) prefers only a little stubble to set off his flowing dark locks.

As well as being a talented fighter, Kili is also a master archer, and the only one of the company to use a bow (in the films; in the books, several do). He is often cheerful and mischievous, which is a big part of his appeal, but he is willing to lay down his life for the woman he falls in love with (Tauriel), which may be the grandest romantic gesture in Middle Earth (until Arwen decides to stay with Aragorn, that is).

He may not be tall, but Kili certainly has the "dark and handsome" thing down…

3 Legolas

Orlando Bloom as Legolas Greenleaf Elvish Prince Lord of the Rings

When The Lord of the Rings first came out, fans were divided into two very clear camps: Team Legolas and Team Aragorn. Legolas (Orlando Bloom) has the clean and delicate Elven look to appeal to fans who prefer their leading men to be blonde and clean shaven, and there is no disputing that Legolas is absolutely gorgeous.

His abilities with a bow and arrow are legendary, and his fierce joy at taking down an incredible number of enemies in record speed is incredible to watch. His friendship with Gimli is another adorable aspect of his character, as the two compete over their orc kills and help each other at every turn.

Legolas is the perfect good looking Elf, and Lord of the Rings just wouldn’t be the same without him.

2 Eowyn

Eowyn (Mirando Otto) vies with Arwen not only for the affections of Aragorn, but for the role of favorite female character in The Lord of the Rings overall. This blonde shieldmaiden of Rohan is classically beautiful, with her waist-length blonde hair and sweeping gowns, as she presides over Edoras and gently attempts to mourn her brother and aid her King.

However, she is not only beautiful, but strong, and a capable fighter. Sick of being required to stay behind while the men fight, she is a skillful swordswoman, and rides out in disguise to fulfill the prophecy and kill the Witch King.

She is perceptive, kind, and intelligent, and stands up for herself as well as those weaker than her. Simply, Eowyn is beautiful inside and out, and her ‘cage’ speech is truly inspirational.

1 Aragorn

Aragorn Viggo Mortensen - Facts Lord of the Rings

Finally, we come to Aragorn. Strider, a range, Isildur’s heir and the true King of Gondor, posters of Aragorn graced many a fan’s bedroom wall when the films were first released.

The epitome of "tall, dark, and handsome," Viggo Mortensen’s Aragorn is the strong silent type, but also the kind and gentle type, but also the sword-swinging hero type… he’s every type-- and it’s amazing.

The moment when he bursts through the doors after being knocked off a cliff is the stuff of hot-hero legends… and it’s followed by his joy at finding that Legolas has saved the jewel his love gave to him, which just makes us want to cry. Seeing him lead an army and then marry his elven love is what fantasy dreams are made of: Long Live King Aragorn.


Are there any Middle Earth hotties that we missed? Comment and let us know!

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