LOTR Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

As delightful as it is to sort ourselves into the Hogwarts Houses we imagine we'd be in if we existed within the wizarding world of Harry Potter (or to mash up those Houses into Slytherclaws, Gryffinpuffs and so forth), it's even more fun to cast our favorite characters from other fandoms into the same houses.

The characters from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series were brought to life so well in Peter Jackson's film adaptation that it feels easier to sort them, but we're pretty sure the Sorting Hat would take the books, and possibly even the original cartoon, into consideration as well.

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10 Legolas: Slytherin

Lovers of Legolas might protest loudly, but the fact is that the elf is a Slytherin. Being a Slytherin isn't necessarily a bad thing, after all, and Legolas is one of the good ones. He may be brave, loyal and sharp, but he is of elf nobility, which is almost like putting him into the Black family.

That wasn't enough to render Sirius a Slytherin, of course, but Legolas has more. He has self-preservation at the front of his thoughts, going as far as to challenge Aragorn's leadership when he felt as if he were doomed. He takes pleasure in taunting Gimli, smiling during insult sessions in a much snarkier way than the dwarf does. He's also the most fashionable, sleek-looking member of the fellowship, traits that tend to land in the Slytherin camp.

9 Bilbo Baggins: Ravenclaw

Going only by the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it's harder to analyze Bilbo Baggins, who might appear to be more like a Slytherin after the One Ring, or even a Gryffindor with his grand adventures. But those who enjoyed his own adventures in The Hobbit know that he has the keenest mind of any hobbit, as well as a tendency to question everything, a trait that his nephew certainly inherited.

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Bilbo is so clever he's able to trick monsters, maneuver out of sticky situations and even hide the One Ring, practically in plain sight, for decades. He also prefers the company of a wizard to other hobbits and orchestrates a crafty exist during his own birthday party (after which Gandalf accuses him of thinking himself clever).

8 Boromir: Hufflepuff

While there aren't many Hufflepuffs featured as main characters in the trilogy, Boromir definitely has all of the values of one: he's patient, extremely loyal to his people, and hard-working. As the Steward-prince of Gondor and High Warden of the White Tower, Boromir had so much weighed on his shoulders, and he wasn't able to run from his duties like Aragon had been lucky enough to do.

Boromir accepts members of his party in ways some members of the fellowship do not at first, and he does value fair play, teaching the hobbits to fight until the One Ring begins to corrupt him. Had he craved the ring for power for himself from day one, he might have been more of a Slytherin, but Boromir truly had the needs of Gondor in his heart.

7 Eowyn: Gryffindor

Eowyn has a heart built for valor, and even if the Sorting Hat asked her if she'd rather be in Hufflepuff, a House in which she could potentially belong, she would vehemently resist and demand Gryffindor, along with Gryffindor's sword! Eowyn is one of the great heroes of Tolkien's work, the only person who can slay the the Lord of the Nazgûl, the Witch-king of Angmar.

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The shieldmaiden of Rohan would do her House proud, and Professor McGonagall would definitely challenge the fierce warrior, put her on the Quidditch team (probably as a Chaser, but possibly a Beater) and proudly hand her the House Cup at the end of the year.

6 Gimli: Gryffindor

Gimli braids and proesthetics in Lord of the Rings

There's no question about Gimli being a Gryffindor. While his familial notions regarding dwarves might make him a possible Hufflepuff contender--or a Slytherin hopeful, given how much dwarves hoard their treasures--his desire to constantly be in the heart of battle, demonstrating his prowess on the field makes him a proper Gryffindor.

Gimli rarely shows fear, and even if he is scared, it never even makes him pause. He simply plunges ahead, axe first into danger, embracing not caution but body count tallies. The dwarf even has the audacious swagger of a Gryffindor, and he usually has the walk to back up his talk.

5 Aragorn: Ravenclaw

Aragorn certainly has many of the qualities of a Gryffindor, and he is one of the bravest men in Middle Earth. That said, he certainly doesn't seek the battle or glory, opting to remain a ranger rather than a king. When Aragon finally accepts his fate as Isildur's heir, it's more out of a sense of duty, to do what he believes to be ethical and right, rather than to claim the throne for his own.

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While that might give him Hufflepuff qualities, Aragorn puts so much thought into every word and action that he would be sorted into Ravenclaw. In fact, he doubts himself in a way Gryffindors don't tend to do, worrying that he, too, might succumb to his ancestor's fate, and he puts himself to the test over and over again like a scientist might, seeking answers and assistance until he's certain of the correct path to take.

4 Samwise Gamgee: Hufflepuff

Lord of the Rings Sean Astin Samwise Gamgee Rosie Cotton Wedding

Many argue that Samwise Gamgee, possibly the bravest of Frodo's companions, HAS to be a Gryffindor, but his personality says otherwise. The gentle hobbit craves simple pleasures and values loyalty and doing what's right over everything else. He's not setting out to make a name for himself, but to uphold his promise to Gandalf and protect his friend.

While both Merry and Pippin might seem as if they, too, fall into the Hufflepuff House, their tendency to brave Farmer Maggot's wrath, pull pranks right under Gandalf's nose and generally get into mischief makes them more like the Gryffindor Weasley twins than a Newt Scamander.

3 Galadriel: Slytherin

As wise and noble as Galadriel is, it cannot be denied that she is a crafty, cunning elf who is also a member of royalty, all signs that point toward being a member of the Slytherin House.

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When Frodo offers the One Ring to Galadriel, her serene facade morphs into raw longing for the power the ring could offer her, a moment that's scarier than most of the Orc scenes in the film. Easily one of the most powerful people in Middle Earth, Galadriel makes it obvious that everyone is lucky that she chooses to remain on the side of good, or else she might give Sauron a run for his money.

2 Frodo Baggins: Ravenclaw

Lord of the Rings Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins in Fellowship of the Ring The Shire

At first glance, Frodo might appear to be a brave Gryffindor as he sets out on his quest to Mount Doom, or perhaps a loyal Hufflepuff who feels like it's his familial duty to return his uncle's ring and set things right.

But Frodo is a curious hobbit who sees more than his kinsmen. He is clever enough to know not to reveal his true name, he deciphers what others say well before his hobbit brethren and understands the wisdom of both elves and wizards so well that he chooses the Undying Lands over living out the remainder of his life in the Shire with his friends.

1 Gandalf The Grey: Ravenclaw


It's easy to see both Gandalf and Saruman as Ravenclaws. Wizards certainly seem to be the cleverest of the Houses by nature, and it only makes sense that they would pursue knowledge over all else. However, Saruman turned dark and could easily be labeled as a Slytherin, while Gandalf continued to pursue knowledge and wisdom above all else.

As both Gandalf the Grey and the White, the wizard did have characteristics from each House: bravery, cunning and loyalty to his friends. He always seeks counsel from those wiser than himself, however, and cautiously treads, thinking every decision through, which makes him a true Ravenclaw.

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