Loot Crate's Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt Recalled For Safety Concerns

Thanos Cube Infinity Gauntlet

In this golden age of geek friendly entertainment, there are plenty of ways for fans to enjoy the properties they love (beyond regularly watching their favorite movies and TV shows). One such manner is Loot Crate, a popular subscription service that sends its users a box filled will all kinds of goodies every month. Typically, they will be themed to connect with a highly anticipated release. There's no telling what's in each crate, but chances are everyone will find at least one thing of value and get some enjoyment out of it.

For May 2016, Loot Crate put together the "Power Box," which included one item lovers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were sure to get a kick out of: an oven mitt modeled after Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet. Unfortunately, it's a better product in theory than in practice, as Loot Crate is now recalling the mitts due to safety concerns.

In an email sent to their customers (via Bleeding Cool), Loot Crate announced a total recall of the oven mitt, citing "isolated incidents" of people saying that the mitt "failed to resist" regular oven temperatures during use. This has caused concern that the mitts present a serious safety hazard and could burn those trying to use them. Loot Crate is in the process of putting together a return protocol. In the meantime, subscribers have been told to keep the mitts in a safe place away from others.

Loot Crate Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt

The oven mitt itself (pictured above) is a quite ingenious concept, so it's disappointing that it's not of higher quality. Marvel fans have long dreamed of wielding the power of the Infinity Stones, and this would have been a fun way of accomplishing that. On the flip side, it's more important for Loot Crate to ensure that their users are safe, making this quality control situation a top priority. The company said that they tested the mitts up to 500 degrees, but apparently not all the ones sent out were built for the heat. They estimate that 0.1 percent of the mitts were defective, but it's still better for everybody to stop using them since there's no telling which ones are safe.

Loot Crate's message also states that all Looters will be given a replacement product of equal or greater value, or a refund. As of now, it's unknown what could serve as the substitute, but it's still a nice gesture on their part that will hopefully make customers happy. Loot Crate is a service that continues to grow over time, and they don't want this episode to negatively impact future business. Swiftly taking care of a problem before it boils over is a smart business practice and an indication Loot Crate cares about its reputation.

Ideally, Loot Crate will be able to further analyze the issue with the oven mitts and release an updated version in a later Crate. There were probably many individuals looking forward to using it while cooking and baking and now have to look elsewhere for their kitchen needs. As sad as it is that the mitts need to be returned, it would be even worse if they never saw the light of day again.

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Source: Bleeding Cool

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