New 'Looper' Poster Teases Consequences of Time Travel Self-Assassination

A new poster for Rian Johnson's 'Looper' explores the relationship between Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Joe, and the future's version of him played by Bruce Willis.

Looper Poster Mini Bruce Willis

A new poster for Looper, the time-travelling action flick that pits Bruce Willis against a younger, bounty-hunting version of himself (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) has been released, further emphasizing the connection between the two characters. While ostensibly playing the same guy, Gordon-Levitt's interpretation of his character in Looper breaches a specific level of imitation, made pretty evident in the image.

Past posters for Looper have emphasized the film's intricately designed time-travelling capsule among other things, but this latest one-sheet continues the film's stark, all-white motif. 

The poster isn't very revealing of Rian John's complex time-travel tale but the previously released comprehensive Looper synopsis explains that in the future, but also in the past, a group of hired guns known as 'loopers' are tasked with eliminating any target that is sent their way. Those targets however, are transported back to the looper's time period, making their death a type of paradox, and more importantly a crime without clues.

Gordon-Levitt's Joe has been enjoying a luxurious life as a looper until he comes across a job that initially gives him pause. That job involves eliminating the future's version of himself, played by Bruce Willis.

As expected, younger Joe shakes off his apprehension and gives chase, throwing viewers headfirst into the meaty and complex plot of Looper. But at the same time, the thought lingers in the back of each character's (and the audience's) mind as to what implications completing the job will have.


New Looper Poster Full

That leads into the design concept for the posters, which implies that the destruction of one version of Joe reciprocally harms the other. Director Rian Johnson (Brothers Bloom) researched time travel concepts extensively – even work-shopping the script with Primer director Shane Carruth – so don't expect overly large logic leaps to be made, but also don't rule them out entirely.

With a handful of festival screenings right around the corner and the film's wide release set for September, it's almost time for the full truth behind Looper to be revealed. We've seen pieces of the final puzzle, but given Johnson's love of misdirection and surprise, there should still plenty left to unravel.

Looper hits theaters on September 28, 2012.


Source: Looper Network (completed poster courtesy of The Film Stage)

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