'Looper' Trailer Preview, Hosted by Rian Johnson & Joseph Gordon-Levitt [Updated]

Looper Trailer Previews

[UPDATE: Click Here to watch the Looper trailer]

If you haven't seen our reports on the 2012 slate of sci-fi movies, suffice to say, the genre is getting as much exposure as superhero movies this year.

One of the more anticipated sci-fi flicks (for cinephiles who lean slightly toward the art house end of things) is Looper, the new time/mind-bending thriller directed by acclaimed filmmaker Rian Johnson (Brick) and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception) and Bruce Willis as younger and older versions of a hitman tasked with assassinating himself.

If that explanation above isn't sufficient, Johnson and Gordon-Levitt host an announcement of the upcoming Looper trailer, complete with first-hand explanations about what the film is about and plenty of preview footage:

If THAT wasn't enough of an explanation about what Looper is all about, check out this synopsis from an earlier article we wrote:

The story chronicles a future in which time travel is a black market technology used by mobsters for assassinations. They send targets into the past to be eliminated by hitmen of that era. When a hitman has outlived his usefulness, the mob sends him back in time to be unwittingly eliminated by his past self – thereby closing the “loop” of loose ends.

The wrinkle comes when hitman Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) recognizes his older self (Bruce Willis) and fails to eliminate him. The mob sends back a hit squad to get rid of both Joes, while interaction with his haggard older self begins to affect younger Joe in unpredictable ways.

If you haven't seen Brick, but are a lover of A) Classic Film Noir murder-mysteries B) Joseph Gordon-Levitt, then get your hands on that film as soon as possible. A quick viewing of Brick will likely explain why Johnson has such a cult-following at this point in his career - and why there are such high expectations for Looper to be both smart and thrilling (check out some early reviews).

As stated in the video clip, expect to see the official Looper trailer in 3 days. The film hits theaters on September 28, 2012.

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