New 'Looper' Images Feature Time-Travelers with Guns

Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks chill, while Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt are packing firepower in the latest images from 'Looper', the new sci-fi thriller written and directed by Rian Johnson (Brick).

looper movie image joseph gordon levitt

Fans of Rian Johnson's high school Noir murder-mystery (Brick) and post-modern caper flick (The Brothers Bloom) have long been excited to see the filmmaker leave his unique fingerprint on the sci-fi genre with Looper - even before positive buzz began spreading from early test screenings of the film in 2011.

Today, we have a few more images from Looper, including a high-resolution version of a previous image featuring Bruce Willis as the older version of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character in the film. That photo collection also includes a pic of Emily Blunt as "Sara," who appeared all too briefly in the first Looper trailer.

In Looper, a future exists wherein time-travel technology has been created, but only exists as a black market technology, presumably due to the (obviously) dangerous nature of messing with the time-space continuum. However, mobsters have devised an ingenious scheme to take advantage of the tech: use it to send their targets back in time about thirty years, so that hitmen of that bygone era can quickly kill them and readily dispose of their bodies - thus, rendering a nice and clean process of removing unwanted people and "evidence."

Inevitably, a wrench gets thrown into the cogs of that efficient killing method when hitman Joe (Levitt) fails to kill one of his targets... having been distracted by the realization that the man in question (Willis) is actually an older version of himself. Eventually both Joes, young and old, find themselves on the run when the futuristic mob deploys a hit squad in order to kill the two versions of the same man - and close off that "loop" forever.


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As is the case with any piece of science-fiction cinema that involves time-travel (see: the upcoming Men in Black III), many people have already begun debating and pointing out the (presumed) holes in the setup for Looper - without having even seen the final movie, so as to find out whether or not those questions are actually addressed.

Of course, Johnson has already made known his intention to get viewers thinking and debating the facets of time-travel as proposed in Looper, while also serving them up some entertaining action thrills. (Hence, the numerous images of characters packing firepower.) Judging by the early footage from the film - coupled with certain tidbits like how Prime director Shane Carruth helped construct the time travel effects - Johnson looks to deliver the goods in both departments.

Looper is scheduled to hit theaters in the U.S. on September 28th, 2012.


Source: All Movie Photo

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