Looks Like Batman Can Beat Up Superman


The first photo of Brandon Routh in the Superman costume has popped up online thanks to USA Today. What you may not have seen is one of a number of new images of Christian Bale from Batman Begins. Now I'm sorry, but when I compare the images I've seen of Batman and this one of Superman... Routh just looks kind of... dorky.

I mean compare these two images. Look at how Bale beefed up for the role (those arms are monstrous!). When I picture Superman, I picture a monstrously buff dude, not the picure I see here. (Click on the image for a larger version):

I mean sure, Routh makes a great Clark Kent, but as Superman I just don't think he's big enough or tall enough. With the boots his legs just look kind of stubby.

I don't know... maybe it's just the one shot. Tobey Maguire managed to pull off a short, squat Spiderman so maybe this'll work.

I'm not too excited about that Superman Returns image but once again my anticipation for Batman Begins has been kicked up another notch.

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