The first photo of Brandon Routh in the Superman costume has popped up online thanks to USA Today. What you may not have seen is one of a number of new images of Christian Bale from Batman Begins. Now I’m sorry, but when I compare the images I’ve seen of Batman and this one of Superman… Routh just looks kind of… dorky.

I mean compare these two images. Look at how Bale beefed up for the role (those arms are monstrous!). When I picture Superman, I picture a monstrously buff dude, not the picure I see here. (Click on the image for a larger version):

bale routh thumb Looks Like Batman Can Beat Up Superman

I mean sure, Routh makes a great Clark Kent, but as Superman I just don’t think he’s big enough or tall enough. With the boots his legs just look kind of stubby.

I don’t know… maybe it’s just the one shot. Tobey Maguire managed to pull off a short, squat Spiderman so maybe this’ll work.

I’m not too excited about that Superman Returns image but once again my anticipation for Batman Begins has been kicked up another notch.

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