Look To The Sky Documentary Will Convince You Superman is Real

As the world makes it harder and harder for Superman fans to believe such a true, good, and perfect hero could ever be real, one documentary filmmaker is out to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Encouraging audiences in need of a little hope to Look to the Sky no matter where they may be, Brett Culp has traveled the world to find stories of optimism, hope, generosity, and compassion on a level that would make even the Man of Steel blush.

The film is a follow-up to Legends of the Knight, Culp's previous exploration of Batman's role in popular culture. Not in films, TV shows, or toys - but the people who embrace the idea of the DC icon in their own missions, their own struggles, and their own personal battles. After seeing the hope Batman inspired in so many, and using screenings of the film to raise over $100,000 in over 100 cities, the filmmaker has doubled down on the project's most inspiring heroes.

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For Look to the Sky, Culp didn't seek out people inspired by Superman (such a massive pop icon's influence is now synonymous with good deeds), although some notable comic industry legends do contribute. Instead, he searched for and discovered real-world heroes of all ages and walks of life, who exemplify the qualities most now reserve only for fictional superheroes. The final product is Look to the Sky, a collection of stories that prove "#SupermanIsReal"... you just have to look for him.

When Legends of the Knight was first in its release rollout back at Comic-Con 2013, we had the chance to hear how the experience had changed Culp's perspective. At the time, the filmmaker explained his affection for Batman by highlighting the almost divine purity of Superman - that "even though I look at [Superman] and say ‘I wish I could be like that,’ there’s part of me that knows I never will be... It was just bestowed upon him. Batman had to work for it, and so do I."

It seems Culp accepted his own challenge, with Look to the Sky following adults, even children who give as freely of their time, energy, and passion as any comic book superhero. Whether it's performing superhuman feats, traveling to corners of the world most people try to ignore, or making the future better for people in their own hometown. At a time when Superman fans have never been so divided on the real message being sent by the Man of Steel in pop culture, Look to the Sky is an affirmation of hope in the face of any obstacle. Whether or not these heroes wear capes along the way.

Chronicling these stories didn't just result in Look to the Sky, but the creation of The Rising Heroes Project, Culp's initiative to carry the stories and voices in his films to as large an audience as possible. With open invitations to screen the film for charitable events, fundraisers, school screenings, and a variety of other not-for-profit drives, the ground broken with Legends of the Knight is now only the beginning.

For those eager to see the spirit of Superman on display, Look to the Sky is available now on Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon. For those interested in potentially organizing a local screening of the film - with proceeds going to the charity of your choice - head to The Rising Heroes Project's official website now.


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