Longmire Season 5 Trailer & Poster: Loyalty is a Dying Breed

Longmire season 5 trailer and poster

After being cancelled by A&E, Longmire has managed to carve out a niche for itself on Netflix's increasingly diverse library of content. The show, between its time on A&E and Netflix alike, has now amassed four seasons and a devoted fan following - despite not having the same fanfare or advertising push that other more high-profile TV projects (or Netflix acquisitions) have received.

Season 5 of the series - a rural crime-drama based on Craig Johnson's Longmire Mysteries novel - debuts on Netflix in September and picks up shortly after Longmire season 4's cliffhanger ending. An official trailer (see above) and poster for Longmire season 5 has now been released, a few weeks ahead of its premiere.

Even before its cancellation on cable, Longmire had won much of its devout fanbase by standing out from the pack. Whereas most modern police series are set in major cities, showcasing high-tech crimesolving technology and following "ripped from the headlines" sensational storylines, Longmire has a rural Wyoming setting and a cast of richly-developed individuals that defy typical Hollywood stereotypes of "country" characters.

You can read the official synopsis for Longmire season 5 below, followed by the poster:

"Season 5 of Longmire picks up after the dramatic cliffhanger of season 4, where Walt Longmire (series star, Robert Taylor) and his girlfriend Dr. Donna Sue Monaghan (Ally Walker) are shot by an armed intruder in Walt’s house. Laying in a hospital bed attempting to make sense of the attack, their fate and relationship both seem uncertain. However, one thing is clear: Walt Longmire is being hunted. Meanwhile, Cady (Cassidy Freeman) is forced to come to terms with her deal with Jacob Nighthorse (A. Martinez), the ultimate betrayal for her father. Vic (Katee Sackoff) determines a new level of independence for herself and Ferg (Adam Bartley) begins a new relationship where deception lurks beneath the surface. Season 5 finds Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) at the cross hairs of two warring parties and his allegiance to one could have deadly consequences."

Longmire season 5 poster

Philips, when he was previously interviewed by Access Hollywood, also hinted at a showdown between Henry and Walt in Longmire season 5

"The last we saw, Henry was being carted off to jail by Zahn McClaron, who plays Mathias. In that scene, you will see what happens, if they cut a deal. Henry will be continuing his dual role as Hector, the sort of vigilante, justice-bringer to the reservation, which will put him on a collision course with Walt Longmire, his best friend."

Longmire season 5's tagline, "Loyalty is a dying breed", similarly alludes to issues amongst longtime friends this season - as the show threatens to push its characters to the breaking point and the consequences of long-building plot threads come to a head. Actor Dylan Walsh is also set for a guest appearance as a new character on this season of Longmire.

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Longmire season 5 will become available on Netflix starting September 23rd, 2016.

Source: Netflix

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