Longmire Season 4 Trailer: God’s Gonna Cut You Down

The trailer for Netflix’s newest revived series, Longmire, has finally been released and promises to please fans of the A&E series. Cancelled by A&E in 2014, Netflix picked up the critically-acclaimed, western crime drama for a 10 episode run.

Longmire centers on Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor), who returns to his position Sheriff of Absaroka County in Wyoming, after the death of his wife. The show follows Longmire as he runs for reelection and searches for his wife’s killer.

Also starring in Longmire is Katee Sackoff (Battlestar Galactica), once again playing Victoria “Vic” Moretti: one of the eponymous sheriff’s deputies and a former Philadelphia police detective. Sackoff will be among the show's returning cast members featured on season four, while the list of newcomers to the series this round includes Sons of Anarchy alum Ally Walker in a (mysterious) key role.

Featuring a cover of Johnny Cash's “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”, the Longmire season four trailer picks up after the cliffhanger of the show’s third season. To refresh your memory: that climactic end left Sheriff Longmire with the knowledge of who had murdered his wife - and based on the choice of song for the trailer, it's a fair bet that he will be looking for vengeance, in the episodes ahead.

The Longmire season four trailer (among other things) also gives glimpses of the impending conflict between the reservations of the Native Americans and the U.S. authorities - something which creates a problem for Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Philips) and Sheriff Longmire’s friendship.

Robert Taylor returns for Longmire season 4

According to Deadline, Netflix gave story notes to Longmire executive producer Greer Shephard to “feel free to be more cinematic; don’t make it like TV”, during the Longmire panel at the Television Critic Association panel earlier this year. Shepard also confirmed that season four of the show will deal with issues facing Native Americans - like "where they can’t prosecute non-natives that commit crimes on the nation" - and summed up the main theme of the season as follows:

 “Season 4 is about second chances. Who you are as a person is defined by how you handle the second chance. Netflix has incorporated that theme in their campaign. There are a lot of ways in which people can rebuild themselves after devastating experiences. We explore that theme throughout each of our characters. Now that Walt knows the murderer of his wife, how does he go on? With Henry, he has a new-found freedom, what does he do with it?”

While Netflix has had its share of successes reviving shows through its streaming service, the final results have sometimes split these series' devoted fan-bases (looking at you Arrested Development season four). So far, though, the Longmire season four trailer (and Shepard's claims) provides hope that the western drama will keep the spirt of its first three season alive and well in the episodes ahead.

Longmire season four will be available on Netflix starting September 10th, 2015. Seasons 1-3 are now currently streaming on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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