Jerry Bruckheimer Reveals 'Lone Ranger' Movie Logo

Tonto is the sidekick for the Lone Ranger

It's been a couple of months since we've talked about Disney's Lone Ranger here at Screen Rant. Unfortunately, with the project still off in the horizon, there isn't much to say. Luckily, producer Jerry Bruckheimer gave us something new to chew on this week.

Bruckheimer shared a message on Twitter directing his followers to his new official website where he has information on all of his projects from the big screen to the small screen. One of the projects on the website was Disney's Lone Ranger (hat tip to Bleeding Cool for investigating).

While there wasn't much there for the movie, which only recently added Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) as its director, there was a new logo for the film, as well as some additional art.  Check out the logo below. Note that Bruckheimer's site said "Official Artwork Coming" so it's unclear if this is the "Official" logo or not. Either way, it's kind of cool and evocative of the original series.


Logo for Lone Ranger Starring Johnny Depp


In addition to the black and white logo, there were also a couple of small pictures on Bruckheimer's site. One of them shows the same logo, but in color, and the other is an all text version using that old-timey Western font that we all like so much. Check out the additional images below.


Text and Colorized Lone Ranger Movie Logos


Lone Ranger is something of a mystery to me. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing, Gore Verbinski is directing, and Johnny Depp is the star (even though he's playing the sidekick character, Tonto), so you know it's going to be a pretty big project. And yet, despite the high-profile names attached to the movie, I feel like we know very little about it - other than the fact that they dropped "The" from the title :-P.

When you're dealing with beloved properties like Lone Ranger, you must tread with care. Then again, 99.9% of the target market that this movie is aimed at won't be familiar with the original Lone Ranger radio series, or the 1950s television series, so maybe it's a moot point. In any case, it's a neat logo for a movie that will probably do major business once they finally get around to making it.

Source: Jerry Bruckheimer's Website (via Bleeding Cool)

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