Lonely Island's 2018 Oscars Song Features Wonder Woman, Thor & More

The Lonely Island has released a storyboard demo for their 2018 Oscars song that was deemed too expensive for the show. Every year, it's fairly easy to tell which films will be nominated for an Oscar. Sure enough, movies like Get OutThe Shape of Water, and Dunkirk all cleaned up at the Oscars. Still, fans were disappointed by a number of well-received movies from 2017 not getting any love from the Academy.

There were some big snubs and surprises at the Oscars last night, but it was hardly shocking how few blockbusters were honored in the big categories. In fact, even visual effects nods were held back from some of last year's biggest financial hits. And in the case of Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok, the movies were also a success with critics and fans alike. Championing the unsung heroes of the tentpole film, comedy group The Lonely Island designed a star-studded song that would have featured the stars of some of last year's biggest films - from Girls Trip to IT. Unfortunately, the Academy wasn't having it.

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The Lonely Island revealed that their song that was meant to be performed at the Academy Awards last night was too expensive and logistically complicated to pull off. The group put out a storyboard demo of the song with some of the ideas and films that would have featured in it. Mostly focusing on Thor and Wonder Woman, there are also nods to Fate of the FuriousStar Wars: The Last Jedi, and even Michael Fassbender's notable bomb The Snowman.

It's a shame a full version of the song couldn't be made, if nothing else so that Vin Diesel singing as Dom Toretto could have unfolded in the Oscars stage. But the demo version is still a pretty entertaining look at what surely would have been one of the most talked about moments of the night.

The Academy has been notoriously squeamish about awarding superhero films with much mainstream praise, but DC fans hoped that Wonder Woman's success could change that. As for Marvel, few figured Thor: Ragnarok would land anything major despite its critical praise. While Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 got some technical love, Marvel has yet to impact the Oscars despite their decade of unparalleled hit-making.

Next year's Oscars could change things, however, as Black Panther has dominated at the box office while also earning terrific reviews. While still firmly a comic book/superhero film, the movie's prestigious ensemble and award-winning crew could push the Academy to finally give Marvel a major nomination at the Oscars.

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Source: The Lonely Island

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