'Lone Survivor' Preview: The Storm Inside of Us

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The Kingdom and Battleship director Peter Berg takes on a much more small-scale and intimate film (relatively speaking) with Lone Survivor, the movie account of the real-life "Operation Red Wings" mission that went bad in Afghanistan back in 2005.

Starring as the four SEAL Team members forced to fight their way out of hostile Taliban territory are Mark Wahlberg (2 Guns), Taylor Kitsch John Carter, Emile Hirsch (Bonnie and Clyde) and Ben Foster (The Mechanic). Supporting roles will be played by the likes of Alexander Ludwig (The Hunger Games), Jerry Ferrara (Entourage) and Eric Bana (Black Hawk Down).

Berg had something of a misstep with Battleship, but films like The Kingdom and Friday Night Lights have shown that he can make a stirring and unapologetically patriotic film that offers some adrenaline thrills, to boot.

Ben Foster in 'Lone Survivor'

...But if the spoilerific implications of the title (not to mention the montage of footage) tell us anything, it's that you may want to bring a box of tissues to the theater for this one; it's probably going to get pretty brutal in its attempt to  honor the real sacrifices of those in the armed forces.


Lone Survivor will be in theaters on January 10, 2014.

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