LOL, Shocking Title To Cloverfield Movie Revealed!

I just love a good bit of irony... after all the speculation on what J.J. Abrams upcoming monster movie codenamed Cloverfield would end up really being titled we finally have our answer.

Will it be 1-18-08? Monster? Some other well-hidden title?

Nope. Here it is:


Ya just gotta love that. :-)

By the way, in light of how the recent spate of torture movies has done (ie. not so well), the buzz is that Abrams' film is going to usher in the next wave of horror movies. So get ready for a bunch of new monster movies to start hitting movie theaters, especially if Cloverfield ends up being a big hit.

BTW, the new trailer is supposed to be attached to Beowulf, opening on November 16th.

Source: IESB

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