How Loki Could Return To a Bigger Role in THOR 4

Fans are still mourning the death of Loki in Avengers: Infinity War, but is there reason to hope for his return in Thor 4? After all, Loki used his last words to remind Thanos that the villain would never be like him or Thor - a true god, for whom the normal laws of death don't apply.

So even if Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi have yet to decide where the next Thor movie will head after The Avengers 4, it isn't guaranteed Loki won't-- or can't be a part of it. And looking at the current state of Thor's world after Ragnarok and Infinity War, the opportunity is there to make Loki a more powerful figure in the MCU than ever before.

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To be clear, this is only our theory on the perfect way Marvel could return Loki to the MCU without diminishing his death, or "undoing" it in any way. Loki could finally claim his very own throne, too. Just... not in the land of the living.

First Things First: Yes, Loki Actually Died

There are plenty of theories to choose from that have already been created and debated online: that reflection of Loki is what actually died, or even that he survived the confrontation with Thanos by pretending to be Bruce Banner (hence no Hulk). For our purposes, however, we are taking the filmmakers of Infinity War at their word.

That may prove to be unwise, considering the sequel is expected to reverse most of the Infinity War deaths. But for all intents and purposes, we're assuming Thanos really did choke the life out of Loki. The good news is that the makers of Thor 4 don't actually have to undo, reverse, or retcon the death scene to keep Loki's story from being completely finished. Because as every Norse mythology fan (Marvel or otherwise) knows that for gods like Thor and Loki, death is just the beginning of another stage in their life.

Loki (Probably) Earned His Place in Valhalla

The even better news for Loki is that his afterlife may be more glorious than if he had died during... well, any previous film. What makes Loki's death in Infinity War so tragic is that it comes after he seemingly embraces his brother, his adopted people, and his better self. In Thor: Ragnarok he chose heroism over selfishness... and that alone may have earned him a place in Valhalla.

We'll dive into the different locations that exist beyond life for Thor, Loki, Odin, and the rest of the Asgardians later. But for now, we'll point to the poem Thor utters for his father in Ragnarok: wishing him eternal life in Valhalla while those he leaves behind will not "mourn but rejoice, for those that have died the glorious death." Loki may not have died in glorious combat defending Asgard, but he was willing to, as evidenced before his death, proclaiming himself a "prince of Asgard... Odin's son."

His message to Thor, that "the sun will shine on us again" may have been foreshadowing Valhalla, but it isn't just a happy ending he earned. Because if Loki did travel to Valhalla, Thor may have a real chance to resurrect his people. And Loki may finally get the crown he's been after for years.

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