Loki's Symbiote Makes Him Marvel's Deadliest Villain

How The First Symbiote Was Created

For new readers of Thor, or Marvel fans who haven't had Venom on their pull-list, the introduction of All-Black the Necrosword, the First Symbiote seems like an update to the Venom mythology that every fan should know about. But again, that revelation is only months old, which explains why movie fans aren't aware that Venom's famous logo is from the Symbiote God, not Spider-Man. A god named Knull who inhabited the abyss of Creation before the Celestial showed up to create Marvel's Universe. A god who pulled a blade from the living darkness to slay one such Celestial.

The blade was forged in the head of that dead Celestial, before Knull set out to slay all of the known universe. Eventually Knull would misplace the Necrosword, and decide that creating symbiote organisms from the same darkness would be a far better plan (even if the symbiotes would inherently fear the fire and banging sound of the forge that created their ancestor).

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But when we said Knull misplaced All-Black, we actually meant that it was taken from him by an alien named Gorr the God butcher - the famous villain of Jason Aaron's Thor: God of Thunder comic series. Using the Necrosword - assumed at the time to just be a mysterious black sword that kind of resembled a symbiote - Gorr defeated and enslaved every god and goddess in the cosmos, including Thor plucked from three different time periods.

Both the Thor series and Gorr himself were instantly marked as some of the best writing the character had seen in years, including the final showdown - where Thor realized Gorr had been taken over and turned cruel by the Necrosword, and merged with it himself (only temporarily, of course). Eventually Gorr was defeated, leaving the Necrosword to find its way to Ego the Living Planet.

The Venom series from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman made the recent tweaks to the mythology, retroactively making All-Black a symbiote, as it appeared. Well, not just a symbiote, but The symbiote. A weapon powerful enough to defeat not one Thor, but three. And one which now resides in Loki's hand. If you're hoping that Loki has a plan other than becoming the most powerful villain to end the universe, we have some bad news. Symbiote Loki's coming battle with Thor has been predicted, prophesied, and anticipated for years.

The Symbiote Loki Has Been Predicted Before

As outlandish as this new Thor future has seemed at every new step, Loki merging with All-Black is actually the piece that makes it all fit together. Specifically, the vision seen by Ulysses of Thor and Loki's future as the final battle reached a fever pitch. At the time, seeing Loki attacking Thor with the All-Black in hand was a wild tease on its own. The same was true when Thor's granddaughters warped forward in time and witnessed the same battle in Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla (pictured above).

But frankly, knowing now that Thor is actually doing battle with a symbiote merged with Loki, and doing it after all other life in the universe has died or been extinguished takes this to a whole new level of insanity. Especially with the closing scene of Loki claiming All-Black officially ending the "Interlude" - meaning Loki's story is now on course to meet Thor's. Reading the signs, he plans to do it violently, too.

Will Thor be ready to battle Loki after getting an upgrade from All-Black, the First Symbiote? Or are Loki's words promising a true "end" destined to come true? Fans will have to keep reading the Thor series to find out. In the meantime, the fans dedicating their time to... artwork featuring Eddie Brock and Venom now have Loki to add into the mix. Even if Marvel Studios isn't interested in such a crossover anytime soon.

Thor #6 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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