Loki's Symbiote Makes Him Marvel's Deadliest Villain

Warning: SPOILERS for Thor #6

The stars of the Thor films and the new Venom movie may not be connected just yet, but now that Marvel has merged Loki with the first and most powerful symbiote, he finally has the power to put a permanent end to the entire universe. In the comics, at least.

The twist of seeing Loki of Asgard claim the ancient ancestor of the Venom symbiote is just the latest delivered in Marvel's Thor series, revealing issue by issue how the Marvel Universe slowly dies millions of years in the future. After King Thor and the Cosmic Wolverine turned empty galaxies into their boxing ring, things seemed to take a turn for the better when Thor charged his hammer with the Phoenix Force and obliterated Doctor Doom, the last Marvel supervillain to survive.

Little did Thor know that on the other side of the universe, his brother Loki was becoming more powerful than ever before. Needless to say, Marvel fans won't want to miss a single second of The Birth of Symbiote Loki.

Loki Hunts For The Symbiote as... a Worm?

As we alluded to above, the galaxies-wide battle between Thor and Loki over the universe's need to die or be saved stole the spotlight (for obvious reasons). But through Jason Aaron and Christian Ward's leaps forward to the end of time, an odd "Interlude" was woven, in which Ego The Living Planet roamed space in search of life-- all life, any life. We won't give a full explanation of just how the living planet immortalized in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 wound up so corrupted and powerful. We'll only explain what comic readers knew at the time: that an evil, black, mystical sword found its way into Ego's possession, amplifying his power and hunger to astronomical levels.

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Given that Jason Aaron introduced that very sword, the glimpse of Ego in that state millions of years into the future was no surprise. The small green worm on his surface, mocking the Living Planet, however... that was a mystery. And as Ego tore himself apart trying to crush the tiny foe, the worm laughed, and whispered, promising never to stop unless the Living Planet agreed to its one demand. The worm wanted All-Black, The Necrosword that filled Ego's veins with black ooze. And after almost a century of torment, Ego agreed... and the worm returned to its true form, with almost nobody left alive in the universe to witness it.

Loki Claims The Necrosword, Marvel's First Symbiote

As the worm returns to its original form, the true significance of this "Interlude" is revealed. Loki Laufeyson has survived unbeknownst to his brother back on Earth, biding his time until he could acquire The Necrosword. The relic has only been revealed as a true symbiote, born of the God of the Symbiotes from a billion years ago in recent Venom comics. When the sword first appeared in Marvel's Universe and was consumed by Ego, it was already a weapon powerful enough to let a simple alien conquer all of the gods of the universe.

Now that All-Black has been revealed as the most powerful Marvel symbiote, and is in possession of Thor's brother... well, this is the closest fans will likely get to seeing a Venom-ized Loki. And unfortunately for what remains of life in the Marvel Universe, a psychic vision has already revealed Symbiote Loki going to war with King Thor for the fate of Creation.

Now... the stage is finally set. But just where did the first symbiote come from, and how much more powerful is Loki now that he's merged with Venom's great-great-great-grandparent?

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