10 Loki Memes Only Real Fans Will Understand

From demanding his place at the throne to faking his death, Loki is the God of Mischief, and now the God of internet jokes only fans will understand.

Over the years, Loki has become the ultimate fan favorite - from his dark humor to his mischievous tricks, fans relate to the prince being misunderstood, laughed at, and pushed aside.

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Though cunning and intelligent, it's no question that Loki's character development has also shown that he's got a heart of gold even though he tries really hard to mask it. From sacrificing himself for the greater good to being able to laugh at jokes with his brother he couldn't always see eye-to-eye with, here are 10 funny and relatable memes that only true fans of the God of Mischief will understand.

10 "No resurrections this time"

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, many Loki fans were upset at the way the God of Mischief had died, or rather, given his life to defend his brother, Thor, at the hands of Thanos. After an attempt of trying to fool Thanos into thinking he was still on his side, Loki pulls out his dagger to stab him but fails. Thanos then chokes the Asgardian prince to death, leaving a distraught Thor to mourn his brother. Thanos claims, "No resurrections this time," as Loki had become notorious for faking his death.

However, the way Loki died in this scene seemed so unconvincing to fans that many joked about him being gone forever, using this meme from Thor: Ragnarok to mock anyone who believed he was really dead.

9 "I've never met this man in my life"

Marvel's November 2017 box-office hit Thor: Ragnarok brought a gold mine of jokes into the MCU and, consequently, a new wave of memes for the internet.

After landing in Sakaar - the place for all lost and unloved things - Thor is surprised to see Loki there also. As he tries to call his brother over to him, Loki is taken aback by his brother's arrival to Sakaar, where time works differently. Having landed there before Thor, Loki had already been in Sakaar for a few weeks and established himself with new friends. He tells his brother he's never met him before - and it's become a hilarious meme when applied to pretending like we don't know someone or recognize someone when we obviously do.

8 He's low-key

The first Thor movie was released by Marvel in 2011, which means Loki has been an MCU character for eight years. That also means that for the past eight years, Loki has been a meme of countless "low-key" jokes.

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Tom Hiddleston himself has even joked about the word-play in multiple interviews. However, fans of Thor and Loki know that the brothers argue and fight many times because of how different their personalities, goals, and aspirations are. In light of the fact that the princes are constantly clashing, this meme conveys that Loki is the more low-key of the two, painting Thor in a more "high-strung" and complicated light. Many Loki fans might say this is not at all true, which makes it even more hilarious.

7 The fear of missing out

In Marvel's first Avengers movie, released in July 2011, it's Loki versus his brother and all of Earth's mightiest heroes. Back then, nobody liked Loki. It was hard to root for him, as the main enemy of the film.

But as more and more Marvel movies have revealed, we know now that Thanos was the puppet master behind many of the enemies that tried to push the Avengers and other heroes of the universe to their deaths. It's funny to look back on it now and think that perhaps Loki wasn't as evil as he was made out to be in the first Avengers movie, and maybe all he wanted was to be invited out to dinner with the rest of the team.

6 Loki, God of Mischief, Moodboard

One of the reasons Loki fans adore his character so much is that over the past eight years, Marvel has developed Loki into someone who has become more and more relatable over time. Ever since the first Thor, it's established that Loki - despite all his tricks, lies, and deception - was at his core, the product of a troubled childhood and family dynamic.

Fans latched on to Loki's way of channeling deception to deal with his feelings. The meme below is a great summary of the character's multi-dimensional personality on every level from rage to sarcasm, something everyone feels but is too afraid to express sometimes - so Loki does it for them.

5 We're definitely related

In Thor: Ragnarok, it's revealed to Marvel audiences that Thor and Loki actually have a sister - Hella, the Goddess of Death - who was banished by Odin to the depths of hell long before the princes were born and has been living there until this film.

If you look closely at Hella's first scene in the film, it's easy to tell that her dark hair and gothic makeup actually mirror's Loki's evil looks in the first Thor movie. When she suddenly demands her brothers to kneel before her, it's a direct reflection of Loki demanding humans to kneel before him in Avengers 1. The internet spared no time in translating Loki's facial reaction into a hysterical inner thought process.

4 The joke of Loki's many deaths

Loki fakes his death in the first Thor film by letting go of his father's hand at the edge of a destroyed Bifrost bridge, committing what appears to be a suicide. Thor screams for his brother in agony, but we soon learn at the movie's end credit that's he's somehow just teleported himself to Earth and is after the Tesseract - which we know now is the story of Avengers 1.

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Loki then stages his death multiple times after that and becomes an easy target for memes. For someone who cries wolf so much, it's hard for fans to believe when he's actually gone forever.

3 Are you busy on Friday?

Twitter is a great place to find memes because it's an online platform where spontaneous thoughts are put out into the universe with the opportunity to go viral. Their latest sensation? "Are you busy on Friday?" "That entirely depends on the rest of the information you're about to give me."

It's a funny way of exposing someone's passive way of answering yes or no to a question that should be simple, but we all know - the details of what's actually happening on "Friday" have a huge impact to someone's answer. When you mix it together with Loki's sarcastic smile, it brings the funny to a whole new level.

2 What Loki really meant

One thing that remains so interesting about Loki (and Thor) as princes and Asgardian royalty is the language that they use. Alongside people like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, their way of speaking sounds almost Shakespearean (as Tony himself jokes in Avengers calling Thor "Shakespeare in the park,"). Fans love pointing out that even if he's playing the villain or the trickster, Loki is polite, concise, and clear with his language.

The internet translating his royal speech into basic text message language gives Loki even more of a hilarious persona.

1 He used Tumblr

With most of the thanks probably given to actor Tom Hiddleston and his talent at acting and giving Loki the personality he has on-screen, it's no question that he's become a fan favorite - especially among the fangirls.

This meme pokes fun at the blogging site Tumblr, which is a famous platform that mostly young teenage girls use to share images, artwork, stories, and posts. As the frontman of a large female teen fanbase, it's true to his character that he'd be the kind of "celebrity" to relish in his newfound fame.

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