First Image Of Loki Disney+ Series Takes The God Of Mischief To The Past

Official concept art for the Disney+ Loki TV series has shown Loki on Earth in what seems to be 1975. The Disney+ streaming service will be host to a whole range of live-action series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, featuring actors from the films themselves. One of the most exciting sees Tom Hiddleston reprising the role of Loki, the Trickster God who bedeviled his brother Thor.

Writer Michael Waldron has joined up with Marvel as showrunner of the Loki TV series, and there are reports that it will serve as a prequel series revealing Loki's secret role in human history. The first two Thor movies clearly established that Loki knew how to leave Asgard without using the Bifrost, which means he could potentially crop up anytime in the last millennia. It's generally been assumed that the focus would mostly be on events before the 20th century, an era essentially unexplored by the MCU to date.

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An official photo from the Walt Disney Company's Investor Day suggest that won't necessarily be the case. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige took to the stage to preview some of Marvel's upcoming projects, and he unveiled an official logo for Loki along with a piece of concept art that shows Loki on Earth in what appears to be 1975.

The logo has a simple font, with a mix of capital and lowercase letters, and is clearly evocative of Loki's chaotic nature. It doesn't have any direct comic book inspiration, but is vaguely reminiscent of the logo used by 2014's Loki: Agent of Asgard series. Meanwhile, the image itself shows Loki walking down a crowded street. The cinema sign behind the Trickster God is advertising Jaws, which sets the concept art in 1975.

There have been reports that the Loki series will explore different periods of Earth's history, so it's impossible to say for certain whether or not 1975 is an important time period. If it is, though, it's interesting to speculate how Loki could have shaped human society. The most notable events in the United States in 1975 were the end of the Vietnam War and Bill Gates' founding of Microsoft; Loki could potentially be involved in either, although Vietnam seems less likely given the conflict ended in April, while Jaws didn't release until June. Still, it's worth remembering that Marvel's previous period pieces - most notably Captain Marvel - played a little fast and loose with the timeline, so that may not be an indicator.

Marvel has been keeping their post-Phase 3 slate - including the Disney+ TV shows - under wraps until after the theatrical release of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Little by little, though, details are beginning to slip out, in this case through a presentation to Disney investors. Presumably more will be revealed at SDCC 2019, and this year's D23.

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