Tom Hiddleston Dressed As Daredevil, Charlie Cox As Loki For Halloween

MCU stars Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox swapped Marvel costumes for Halloween, with the former dressing as Daredevil and the latter as Loki.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Charlie Cox as Daredevil in the MCU

The cast of Broadway's Betrayal debuted their Marvel Halloween costumes at the stage door on Wednesday night, with MCU stars Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox swapping costumes, the former dressing as Daredevil and the latter as Loki. Starring Hiddleston, Cox, and Zawe Ashton, the play tells the story of the affair between Emma (Ashton) and Jerry (Cox), the respective wife and best friend of Robert (Hiddleston). The events move in reverse chronological order, with the play beginning two years after Emma and Jerry have ended their relationship. It had a sold-out run in London earlier this year before switching to Broadway in September. It runs until December 8.

Hiddleston and Cox are well-known within the Marvel universe, though they occupy different spaces. Hiddleston plays Loki, the trickster villain turned semi-hero, and Cox portrayed Matt Murdock for three seasons on Netflix's Daredevil, which was cancelled late last year. Many are hoping Daredevil will be revived for Disney+, but nothing has been announced yet. Hiddleston, meanwhile, will return as Loki in his own Disney+ series in 2021. A well-respected theater actress, Ashton's most recent film credit is the Netflix film Velvet Buzzsaw.

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Daredevil fan account Daredevil shared some pictures of the stage door surprise. Hiddleston and Cox decided to have some fun with their shared Marvel history and traded characters for the night, with Hiddleston wearing a Daredevil costume and Cox sporting Loki's look. For her part, Ashton appeared as Captain Marvel, and Eddie Arnold, who has a small part in the play as the Waiter, was Captain America. Check out their costumes below:

The official Betrayal Twitter account posted a video of the cast on Sunday hinting that there would be a Halloween surprise for fans on Wednesday. This was further hyped by Ashton taking over the Instagram Story for the account before the show. At one point, she hinted at their costumes by playing the Avengers theme. Later, the event was streamed live on Instagram, and by the sounds of it, the crowd was overjoyed.

It's always fun to see Marvel cast members work together outside of the MCU, and it is especially amusing to see Hiddleston and Cox referencing each other's characters. Both actors have been praised for their performances and often count among fan favorite characters. While Daredevil is unfortunately no longer running on Netflix, there is still a chance the Devil of Hell's Kitchen could make a return somewhere down the line, with fans still campaigning for the show to be saved. And while fans will likely never get the chance to see Loki and Daredevil crossing paths (though really, who knows what the future of the MCU holds), they still have a chance to see Hiddleston and Cox in Betrayal as it enters its final month of shows.

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