Thor: 15 Craziest Alternate Versions Of Loki

When a new Thor movie is released, some of us have to admit that what we're really excited about is seeing his brother, Loki, in action.

Loki is the anti-Thor; where Thor is in your face with his might and audacity, Loki is behind the scenes with his cunning and brilliance - a Slytherin to his adoptive brother's Gryffindor. He's the brains against Thor's brawn, the dark and brooding to his brother's blond boldness, the Scar to Thor's Mufasa. While Thor provides the meat and potatoes to the story, Loki is often the subtle seasoning that makes the whole thing so delicious.

Whether or not Loki will get his own movie one day, only time will tell, but until then his fans will have to be content waiting for Tom Hiddleston's appearances in the Thor and general Avengers franchise. With the release of Thor: Ragnorak, we're celebrating Loki Laufeyson in a way we think the God of Mischief would appreciate: by taking a look at some of the most outrageous versions of Loki that Marvel has given us over the years.

The list of the many faces of the Lord of All Liars is long and impressive, and his disguises and full transformations are part of what make him so compelling as a character. Here are  the15 Craziest Alternate Versions Of Loki.


15 Satan

It's not that surprising that Loki could be Satan, or that the Sly One would opt to refer to himself as the Prince of Darkness.

Since his first appearance in 1949 in Venus #6, Loki has called himself Satan several times. In Venus #10, Satan and Satan's son are the antagonists against Venus, and while it's not revealed that Satan is Loki in the actual issue, his likeness to Loki prompted fans to inquire. In Thor: Asgard's Avenger #1 it was revealed that this Satan was indeed Loki.

As far as Loki plots go, this one was a dud, even for his early days. He simply wanted Venus to fall in love with him, yet sends his son to see if she'll fall in love with him. He uses no cunning ploys or schemes; he just whines that she'd better love him or else, then uses avatars of himself to create chaos all over the planet because she said no. It's also a confirmation early on in his timeline that Loki has at least one child.

14 Unicorn


That's right. Loki was once a freaking unicorn. In Loki: Agent of Asgard #8, heroes and villains switched sides for a bit. Not only was Loki the pookie-kins of Enchantress at the time, but he also stopped lying, stealing, cheating, and otherwise engaging in trickery, all "thanks" to the Red Skull.

Fans may have had mixed feelings about the change but what really blew their minds was Loki's ability to take on the purest form because of the side swap. Claiming he had a fast way to travel using the purest magic of all "by the power of Asgard," Loki transformed into a white unicorn with a rainbow mane and tail.

It was such a shock that people made memes to mock it, including ones of Loki himself claiming how ridiculous it was. On the other hand, Loki has been a symbol of gender fluidity for many years, and the rainbow inclusion was taken as a nice nod to that and the god's pansexuality by many fans, too.

13 Odin

Posing as his adoptive father, Odin, would be an enormous affront to the Sky God, but that certainly wouldn't stop Loki from doing it.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe he does this for obvious reasons: to take over Asgard as his own realm. He even fools Thor when the God of Thunder appears and offers him Mjolnir. This behavior sets up the third film in the franchise as Hela, Goddess of Death, decides to take over Asgard for herself once the real Odin is out of the picture.

Loki has also used his disguises to fool the All-Father. After faking his own death in the MCU, Loki presumably killed an Einherjar Guard and transformed into him in order to inform Odin of his own supposed demise.

12 Kid Loki

Fans typically love or hate Kid Loki, just as they have loved or hated many alternate kid versions of superheroes.

In the Earth-616 timeline, Loki unwittingly led the destruction of Asgard and to atone for it, he died fighting alongside the Avengers. His last words, "I'm sorry, brother," were said to Thor. Even with this touching scene in play, the Wizard of Lies is never without a plan. He'd already had his name removed from the Book of Hel, courtesy of Hela, which caused him to be reborn instead of killed forever.

Kid Loki was an innocent plagued by the nightmares of deeds he'd committed in his previous life. Asgardians, including Odin, blamed him for the fall of their kingdom and bullied him for it. As a child, Loki had several adventures that make it seem as if he's on the side of good, only to reveal that he developed a new hatred of Thor after all.

11 Ikol

Kid Loki's magpie, Ikol, is his complete opposite. When it's revealed that an echo of the former evil Loki remains, young Loki learns that if he dies, he will be able to return to his former self. Aghast over this news, Kid Loki refuses to comply with his former incarnation's plans and turns the echo into Ikol (Loki spelled backwards), his own personal minion.

Some argue that this is the first step he takes in becoming dark again, despite the fact that it was a measure taken to avoid the darkness - prompting fans to question whether Loki ever truly had a choice or not.

The bird ends up becoming one of the most malicious versions of Loki, ensuring not only that Kid Loki becomes evil but that he also dies, fulfilling Loki's original plan.

10 Snake


Remember that Slytherin reference? The Trickster of Asgard deserves it because he actually posed as a snake once. It wasn't anything particularly impressive, but it both symbolized his craftiness as well as literally helped him slip past Heimdall pat the Bifrost in order to reenter Earth.

It occurred during Earth-616 and Loki slithered right between the Vanir's legs, which added insult to injury since not only was it was such an obvious ploy but it happened right after Heimdall accidentally freed Loki from imprisonment in the first place.

The accident wasn't Heimdall's fault at all, but the result of a clever Loki plan. He simply sent a falling leaf from his tree prison into Heimdall's eye, causing him to "shed a tear" over the Shape-Changer and fulfill Odin's requirement for his freedom.

9 King Loki

Sometimes Loki is too cunning even for Loki - like the time that he was prisoner of himself as King Loki.

In 2014's Loki: Agent of Asgard #12, Loki comes face to face with his future self, who turns out to be even crueler than the Loki we know and love. In fact, during this entire storyline, the past Loki was believed to be the villain when it was future King Loki all along. In his world, he killed everyone on Earth, but knowing that he could not defeat his brother, he traveled to the past where he could kill Odin render Mjolnir unusable.

Present Loki stops King Loki from destroying everything with the power of the Midgard Serpent, but he also lets him live, acknowledging that he wouldn't exist without him, and he saves the universe as a story through his God of Stories powers.

8 Gunnar Golmen

The disguise wasn't one of his cleverest in terms of appearance, but when Loki bent reality to help make Thor look like he was going insane with Norwegian Super Soldier Gunnar Golmen in Ultimates 2 #4, the plan still proved to be a clever one.

Golmen is a scientific expert working for the European Super Soldier Program and explains to the Ultimates not only the mythology behind Thor, but that the God of Thunder is also a crazy Super Soldier whose belt is the source of his abilities rather than his hammer. He also explained that he was a normal person in a suit designed to turn a human into a Super Soldier.

The Ultimates buy the story hook, line, and sinker, and prepare to battle Thor based on "Golmen's" analysis. Of course his plan backfired, and though Loki decided to take out the Ultimates on his own, Scarlet Witch summoned his brother to deal with him.

7 Scarlet Witch

If Loki were ever to pose as an Avenger other than his adopted brother, it makes sense that he would prefer to transform into arguably the most powerful one of all: Scarlet Witch.

In Mighty Avengers #21, Henry Pym (the new Wasp) is selected by Scarlet Witch to lead a new team after the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Norman Osborn is in charge of the Dark Avengers. Only... it wasn't Scarlet Witch at all.

Loki's plan was to use his team against Osborn, but those close to Wanda knew that she had to be an impostor. It was her son Wiccan's spell that finally revealed Loki's true form. In true Loki form, he cursed at everyone present at having been discovered and promised them all death in outrage.

6 Mare


No beast is below Loki's transformation lineup. When Loki and Odin were tricked by a man who desired Enchantress and said he'd rebuild Odin's wall, which had been destroyed in a war with the Frost Giants, in exchange for her, Odin demanded that Loki do something about it or else.

Loki's mission was to prevent the man from building the wall in under six months. He distracted the man's horse by posing as a mare, stalling his work in the process by... well, the way mares might distract a horse.

The man turned out to be a Frost Giant in disguise and attempted to kill both the All-Father and Trickster God, but Thor arrived just in time to save the day. With a blow of Mjolnir, Thor not only took out the Giant but then arrogantly ordered his brother to clean up his mess afterward.

5 Lady Sif

Loki's appearance as Lady Sif quickly became a fan favorite of the god's many faces, and not just because of the gender fluidity that it embraces. They loved him as a gracious and strong goddess, but they also loved that as Sif, Loki was one of his most cunning forms yet.

Should any of the gods really believed that Loki could truly be on the side of good? It was all part of his plan as he used Lady Sif's body while going back in time to kill Odin's father, create general chaos and, perhaps most of all, relish in using Thor's ex's body to carry out evil.

While this might have been entertaining for him, it certainly wasn't fun for Sif to have her body invaded in such a complete manner. Given that Loki can transform into anyone he wants without having to use their bodies, this was one of Loki's most terrible acts. Of course, Loki can only mimic the powers of those he impersonates.

4 Loren Olson

In Earth-616 in the comics, Odin tried to stop Ragnarok from happening by making it seem as if it had already occurred. In the process, all of the gods were sent to Earth to live as mortals without their memories of their time in Asgard.

Loki's first identity during this story line was that of businessman Tso Zhung. Once he regained his memories, he immediately became hellbent on ruining Thor, this time reanimating the dead body of the human whose life Thor had assumed, Jake Olson.

Loki made Olson commit crimes in order to frame Thor for them, but once Thor bound his body back to the original Olson, Loki was accused of the crimes himself while trapped in the other Olson body. He was tried as Jake's twin, Loren, and his imprisonment for these crimes is just one example of the many times his brilliant schemes backfired on him.

3 Businessman In Acts Of Vengeance

A general businessman doesn't sound so menacing, but when Loki posed as a businessman in the Acts of Vengeance story line, it proved to be one of his most menacing and cunning performances. During the 1989-1990 crossover, Loki coaxed a bunch of different villains to all attack the Avengers, hoping to dismantle the team, hurt his brother and make up for the fact that he served as the catalyst for the Avengers in the first place. Unfortunately for Loki, the plan backfired when the villains began to fight one another. You can't pair up Holocaust survivor Magneto with the Nazi Red Skull and expect everyone to work well together.

Loki has worn a business suit as a simple disguise many other times, such as the time he stole Heinrich Schafer's eyeball in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2 A Wolf


Loki makes it clear that he can transform into anything he wants as long as he remains himself underneath. He demonstrates this fact in Loki: Agent of Asgard #5 when he transforms into a beautiful lupine creature in front of Lorelei. Changing into a woman, she states, "Changing my shape is... not without cost." She elaborates, "Oh, I can turn into myself, that's no problem. I can turn into anything as long as it's me."

The resulting wolfish form was enough to to demonstrate that Loki can blend human and animal forms whenever he so chooses. This also serves as a fun shout-out to the Norse source of many Thor characters, such as Fenrir, or as he is known in Marvel, Fenris Wolf.

1 Loki, God Of Heroism And Truth

Plenty of villains take a turn at living a life on the other side of crime and violence, and Loki, often an anti-hero, is no stranger to his "good guy" days. Loki has taken many turns on the side of good, but most of them have turned out to simply be ploys to advance his own agenda. One of the most prime examples of these occurred when he branded himself as Loki, God of Heroism and Truth.

With the Sword of Truth, Gram, Loki becomes this heroic character, switching up his horns and deliciously green ensemble for a more heroic outfit of gold. It's in this form when Loki is able to embrace his purity to the extent of becoming a unicorn.

He's eventually returned to his old Trickster form, and the heroes in the story who acted as villains while inverted pretty much got away with all of their actions, which were blamed on the villains.


Which crazy version of Loki is your favorite? Did we miss any? Share them in the comments!

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