Loki's New Comic Has Officially Been Killed (By Marvel)

The latest comic book series starring Loki has been canceled by Marvel, but can this magical trickster god make a comeback like his brother?

Loki with Mjolnir New Comic Cover

We hope the Asgardian fans are sitting down, as Loki has once again died at the hands of Marvel. In Avengers: Infinity War the god of mischief was choked to death by Thanos, but in 2019 he was put to sleep by Marvel Comics, with his latest solo comic announcing its cancellation after just five issues. The series took a lot of fun twists and turns, and wasn't afraid of turning one of Marvel's greatest villains into one of the most fun and funniest characters in comics. Though apparently Loki was never evil in the first place. While he may not have been a great King of Jotunheim he made for a great lead in a comic book. Now the second son of Odin has been put to the ax by his publisher.

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Magic may be Loki's forte, but it doesn't seem to be helping him much lately. While Tom Hiddleston heads an exciting new frontier on Disney+, it's been quite some time since he had as much success in the comics. His latest series was written by Dan Kibblesmith with the final issue's art provided by Andy MacDonald. It was a lighthearted take on the many happenings across Jotunheim, Asgard and beyond. Over the last few years, Marvel have tweaked the would-be villain to better suit his rise in popularity. Rather than a mischievous and scheming villain always plotting against his brother, he's a quick-witted monarch doing his best to do the right thing.

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The Thor and Loki of Kibblesmith's pages have as much chemistry as their on-screen counterparts, and it's a shame to see them go. While the announcement was technically made at the beginning of the comic, they left fans an exciting teaser for something new. Check it out:

But as any god of Asgard knows, death is only one beginning. And now the way is open for the God of Stories to explore further than he has ever before -- even across time itself.

With that the latest Loki series began its final and yet most entertaining issue yet. A time-traveling romp with Loki in the wildest of Wests, with a cameo from almost everyone's favorite X-man: Wolverine! The hilarious but brief bloodbath that ensues is worthy of more than just a 5-issue series. The scene is simple: Loki playing poker at a regular Western saloon. While in walks one of the baddest cowboys there ever was--the Wolverine! It's great to the powerful mutant making a cameo even as Wolverine has his own exciting and surprising debut coming up. Together, the two start to take on every drunken patron in the bar. It would be no easy task were these not the God of Mischief and a self-healing animal with unbreakable claws. The setting and story are worth much more exploration, but the scene ends abruptly, just like the comic itself.

Loki Series Comic Cover

Sadly, stories don't always have the happiest of endings. Rather than the issue evolving into a glorious tale of time travel wizardry, it quickly returns to the modern day to give Loki some much-needed time to reflect. Not just on his recent travels or newly gained positions of power, but to essentially reflect on the end of yet another story. Marvel Comics has always been quick and merciless with their cancellations and the end of this Loki series is no exception.

As they say, the god of mischief doesn't close a door without magically opening a window. This wasn't the first series given to Thor's trickster brother and it likely won't be the last. That doesn't take away the disappointment that comes from a series ending too early. Dan Kibblesmith was making his mark on the comic market with a lighthearted story about a tragic and powerful god. A witty god who was joined by his friend and confidant Verity Willis. While it looks like Loki will have a different female co-star for his Disney+ series, Verity was a fantastic friend. Which is why the bittersweet final panel gives a beautiful look at the pair's possible future. Hopefully, Verity Willis and Loki get many more stories together.

Loki #5 -- the final issue -- is available now.

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