Loki's TV Show Means His Infinity War Death Should Be Undone

Thanos Kills Loki in Avengers Infinity War with Micky Mouse

Marvel may have to resurrect Loki after his Avengers: Infinity War death for the sake of his upcoming spinoff series. With his flip-flopping nature, Loki was always more of a wildcard than a straight-up villain. For years, he outshone Chris Hemsworth's Thor thanks to his conniving ways and palpable charm, and by the end of Thor: Ragnarok, everyone was convinced that he's ready to permanently join the good guys.

Along his MCU journey, Loki had made very bad decisions, including getting involved with Thanos in The Avengers - something which ultimately led to his death in Avengers: Infinity War. But just when everyone is finally starting to accept the fact that he is really gone, a brand new development gives die-hard Loki fans a glimmer of hope that he may be resurrected yet again.

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As part of new MCU content coming via Disney's own streaming platform, Marvel is developing several spinoff TV series focusing on some characters from the franchise, with the first two to get the treatment said to be Loki and Scarlet Witch. It's great news, but the former poses a big question for the God of Mischief: is it possible to tell a new Loki story without bringing him back to life?

There are some options. A Loki series could chronicle the character's early years in Asgard before the events of the first Thor, seeing how the adopted Frost GIant became evil. The problem with this is that it calls for an appearance from Hemsworth's Thor; the report on the new series said main Avengers won't appear. Additionally, that part of his life was overly discussed in the first two films from the subseries that it won't really offer something new to the audience.

A second option is to set the Loki TV show during the time between Thor: The Dark World and Ragnarok while he was posing as Odin. This aspect was quickly resolved in Thor 3, but there's a lot of potential in Loki's shambolic time as leader, maybe sneaking in and out of Asgard on adventures. But similar to a prequel-set series, this would demand the involvement of Anthony Hopkins who played the Allfather in the MCU. Further, given that it's set in the middle of the franchise's timeline, it risks messing up with their established continuity.

Without a truly inspired pitch, it looks too complicated to have a Loki spinoff and not set it after Avengers: Infinity War. But perhaps there's another way to continue his story without retracting his death: if he ends up in Hel. While technically unexplored in the MCU, Hel has been referenced in the Thor movies several times; it was where Odin banished Hela to and where the Goddess of Death battled the Valkyries. Loki finding himself in the realm after being killed by Thanos is a great way to begin the exploration of the region. The setting allows a self-contained story that could also add to the existing MCU lore without nullifying what happened to the character in Avengers 3.

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At this point, there's no indication that Marvel Studios is planning to resurrect Loki, and Hiddleston went on the record saying he's content with how his character's journey ended. Whether or not he's brought back to life, though, fans are guaranteed another appearance from the character in next year's Avengers 4; set photos revealed the God of Mischief hanging out with a long-haired Thor, a result of time travel or flashbacks. Perhaps this will even open the door for a canon-maintaining Loki TV show.

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